18th Jan2021

Are Slots Becoming More Like Video Games?

by James Smith

Slot games are becoming increasingly popular. The better the graphic, the more it entices people in. Slots are no longer just cherries and bells whizzing around the reels. Now they tell stories, they have characters and storylines. They take you through magical worlds of jungles, hitmen and adventures. This leads some people to liken them to video games, as you unlock new levels and discover new secrets.

It used to be that you put money in and then start spinning. You couldn’t try the game before parting with money, but now you can try out these epic slots without even parting with a penny, by either practising for free on the site or taking advantage of the many bonuses and promotions available at online casinos, offering free spins and no deposit casino bonuses (for more information click here). Still, whether you choose to play for free or play for real money, it’s a whole new experience – because developers are now embracing the concept of ‘gamification’.

How Does Gamification Change the Experience?

Gamification is simply adding elements usually found in video games and applying them to other mediums – in this case, slot games and casino games. The most common example of this is a simple bonus feature in a game – another little mini-game within the game, this is an example of gamification. The addition of this technology is being used by all developers now as it is vital to keep up with competitors, and they all mean better, more exciting and more immersive games than ever before.

A Rise in Popularity

Gamification is part of the reason why online gaming is becoming much more popular these days. It is all about the quality and execution of a game developer’s technology. However, they need to get it right and avoid cutting corners and getting lazy with it, or else face backlash – Like the infamous Star Wars Battlefront 2 debacle with EA. Messing with a decent game can go one of two ways. Adding excellent technology and gamification aspects can send its popularity soaring. Adding thoughtless, lazy and ill-thought-out gamification to it can destroy it.

If you take a simple 5-reel slot, in the past, a player would simply spin until they got matching symbols on a payline. Very simple, yes, but not very exciting. Now, you may have a space-themed slot game that not only has a thumping soundtrack and futuristic graphics, but also adding in wilds, free spins rounds and bonus rounds, and the game is just so much more immersive and much less boring.

No Way Back

Really, we are at a stage where simple games just aren’t enough anymore. A simple spin and win just doesn’t cut it now. People want to be sucked into the game. They want to feel as though they are getting somewhere as they play it. The idea of gamification gives players the feeling of progress, and that can be very appealing. Just like levelling up in a video game, the idea of unlocking the next stage, or collecting enough tokens to get rewarded keeps the player spinning. There’s always something to aim for, and winning the money becomes a mission at the end of a journey, rather than just the product of a lucky spin. With bonuses, missions and tournaments, playing the slots and playing against other slot players, online casinos are a new place now.

This is vital now as the online casino always has to develop and capture the imagination of its upcoming audience. More gamers are coming of age, and now the switch from video games to online slot games has never been a simpler transition.

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