16th Jan2021

What makes gambling games so fun?

by James Smith

The casino industry has been booming for the past 20 years. Statistics show that with the advent of mobile apps, winnings have grown to more than 41% for the industry. In fact, over the course of 2020, the market value of the industry grew by over a whopping $8 billion. 

The global gambling market is predicted to continuously grow rapidly for many years to come.

Aside from the ease of access to mobile, there are other reasons as to why it will keep growing. It’s a way to win some money, escape everyday life, and well, it’s really fun. Personally, I think there is a certain allure behind it. The taste of constant defeats makes the victory taste even sweeter. It’s ironic, almost oxymoronic even – how losing feels just as fun as winning. Of course, there are some factors that come into play that make gambling games so fun. Such as…

Visual effects, bonus levels, free spins

There are tons of games available on the market, especially mobile slot machines it only takes a quick look on a review website like 6takarakuji.com to see the range of mobile casino options available nowadays. The vibrant and dazzling visuals create a sense of fun and excitement. Like a carnival, with all the fun colors, you just can’t help but want to try it out!

 With lights, come sound. The whimsical music it plays in the background echoes in your mind; resonating with cheerfulness and positivity. This motivational and upbeat soundtrack entices players to take a risk because that’s what living a fun life is about. To perfect the trifecta comes action. Slot machines entice and encourage players to try again by giving out freebies when players hit certain reels. Moreover, slot games also promise high return rates and hit frequencies, so the risk-reward is very manageable!

Chance to win big

We established that these games are really fun. But the biggest thrill is that opportunity to win the jackpot. The feeling of becoming an overnight millionaire with just the next click can make anybody’s blood boil — especially when the feeling is quivering down to your bones. Unlike traditional slots, gambling games incorporate a progressive jackpot system where the more you lose, the higher your chances of winning the next round. This overall increases your hit frequency. Pair that up with your free spins and you can play all night and at worst, break even! Best of all, if you hit the jackpot, even a relatively small amount of money instantly turns into a withdrawable mountain of cash. Imagine the possibilities!


With each passing year, the casino industry dives deeper and deeper into the video game industry. In fact, it is so advanced now that slot games have compelling storylines that players can unlock through the story mode. And to be fair, they are actually really well written. Some casinos even have RPG elements such as new maps, bosses to defeat, levels to grind, and of course, gold to be made! Slay bosses, level up to increase your winnings, get gold to get more spins. It’s fantastic! Gamification has breathed new life into gambling games, adding a whole new layer and complexity to an already compelling and fun game.

Rush of dopamine

It is psychologically proven that getting money makes us happy. Even if it is a small amount. Whenever we get a hit on the slots, along with a little extra money in our accounts, we receive a small hit of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is a chemical that is responsible for our sense of achievement and happiness. Humans will naturally seek out whatever activity gives them dopamine. And slots has a lot to give.

With this rush of dopamine, it adds a certain depth to the experience. It feels like adding a pinch of MSG to already delicious food, amplifying its flavor profile.

Always more

There is always more for everyone. The very fact that there are thousands of games to choose from means that players are always entertained. This huge selection choice is the gift that keeps on giving; with new experiences waiting around every corner. Players can go from a slots game to playing live table games like blackjack, then hop over to a round or two of roulette. The possibilities are endless!

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