14th Jan2021

Video Game Bingo: All The Things Every Great Game Should Mark Off

by James Smith

There seems to be a bit of a bingo revolution taking place at the moment. Across the world people are going mad for it. Online bingo is welcoming more players than ever before and is developing into an industry worth billions, while every man and his dog (assuming bingo was his name) have an app downloaded to their device.

In fact, it’s got us loving the game too. There are tons of great online bingo variants like slingo bingo for an example, and they are becoming more advanced and more like a console gaming experience than ever before. But while thinking about bingo, it also got us thinking about all the novelty bingo cards you see these days. You know the ones, where on a bingo about rap music you’d have to mark off every time a song discussed wealth, or honeyz, or guns. That kind of thing.

But when it comes to a great video game, what would appear on a bingo card there? Well, we’ve put our heads together and marked off our top five things which would feature on a bingo card that explored the best things about a fantastic video game…

A Great Theme & Styling

The best and most recognisable video games have their own unique styling which stand out from the crowd. You only need to look at the likes of Sonic and Street Fighter to see that.

Superb Controlling

You could have the best game in the world, but if the control of the characters aren’t very good, then you can’t interact properly as a player.

The Soundtrack

Every great game needs a banging soundtrack and over the years they’ve really developed from the quirky jingles of the Mega Drive. The likes of Gears of War and Grand Theft Auto have more recently been renowned for their fantastic soundtracks, with some songs becoming more synonymous with a game than an artist.

Memorable Characters

Think Zelda, Sonic, Pokemon, Tomb Raider, we could go on. They all have iconic characters and it’s one of the most important things of any game. Like any film or TV show, you have to buy in to the characters and develop a bond to be fully invested in it, and it would take pride of place on any video game-related bingo card.

What’s more, it could almost be broken into two, with the protagonist as one, but just as important is a nemesis. Any game is only as good as its bad guys and you need a Bowser, Eggman or Mr X. to keep every player on their toes.

An Encapsulating Storyline

Similarly, while the characters are important, so is the journey in which you’ll be taking them on. As humans we love to be touched, entertained and emotionally invested in our characters and that can only happen if there’s an interesting story to take them on.

We expect plot twists, jeopardy and of course, enough to make us keep playing to see how it ends.

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