12th Jan2021

Interview: Josh Hurtado on “5 Great Indian Genre Movies”

by Stuart Wright

In his latest interview/podcast, host and screenwriter Stuart Wright gets an education in Indian genre cinema by Screenanarchy’s brilliantly informed Josh Hurtado.

This podcast was set up under the banner 5 Great Indian Genre Movies, but I feel for many of us, this is an ‘An Introduction to Indian Genre Cinema via 5 Great Movies selected by Josh Hurtado. Not only is there’s Bollywood, there’s a whole a regional movie making system that traverses a plethora of languages. Josh’s picks include:

  • Hollywood (Kannada, 2003)
  • Muni 2: Kanchana (Tamil, 2011)
  • Eega (Telugu, 2013)
  • Jallikattu (Malayalam, 2019)
  • Cargo (Hindi, 2020)


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