11th Jan2021

The Winklevoss twins will once again be in the spotlight in the upcoming movie ‘Bitcoin Billionaires’

by ApolloXL5

Those who have seen the movie The Social Network will be familiar with the Winklevoss twins. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss had plans to create an exclusive social network for Harvard students, but alleged that Mark Zuckerberg stole the idea from them, which eventually led to the creation of Facebook. The twins went on to file a lawsuit against Zuckerberg for this, and eventually settled with him, netting a decent amount in the process, but of course, that would have been peanuts compared to actually having a stake in Facebook. Nevertheless, the release of the movie brought the spotlight onto the twins, and they made further waves in recent times when they became the first ‘bitcoin billionaires’. Their initial investment into Bitcoin back when the cryptocurrency was first launched has now grown to the extent of being worth over a billion dollars. This story of a comeback through the cryptocurrency, as well as the ability to back a winning horse twice, is what drove writer Ben Mezrich towards them, and his book Bitcoin Billionaires will soon be a movie.

Before getting into the details of this, it is important to note the impact that bitcoin has had on our economy already. The cryptocurrency has risen by more than 300% over the last year, and while there are fears of this being another bubble, akin to the one in 2017 when a similar price rise was followed by a huge crash, that is much more unlikely to happen this time around. There are many more people backing bitcoin at this time, and a lot more demand, which is causing the price to go up, due to limited supply, as well as other factors. Bitcoin is currently trading at $35,000, having been as low as $2,800 in March 2020, and while it is fanciful to think of a similar increase in price this year, there are many who believe that it will not be long before Bitcoin is at $100,000. At the same time, we are also seeing bitcoin being brought into mainstream finance, with PayPal having announced that it will begin accepting the cryptocurrency on its platform soon. Other areas are also quite eagerly adopting cryptocurrencies. Online gambling has been one of the most enthusiastic sectors in terms of bitcoin adoption, with users being able to access a bitcoin live casino, for example, where they can place bets using the cryptocurrency. This has become quite popular, and has also contributed to more and more people beginning to use cryptocurrencies.

Thus, we have seen the impact that bitcoin has already had, and will continue to have, both in the financial sector and otherwise. It is incredible that the Winklevoss twins were able to anticipate some of this so early, and it is clearly a bet that has paid off handsomely. Mezrich, the author of the book, is also the author of The Accidental Billionaires, which was one of the inspirations for The Social Network, and is therefore no stranger to the twins. The rights for this movie have been bought by Stampede Ventures, owned by Greg Silverman, and a movie is now under discussion with the twins as well as Mezrich. It is also interesting to note that Mezrich’s book has been the catalyst for many people to get into crypto investing, while he was also the author of Bringing Down The House, which was the basis for the hit movie 21. Half of his 20 books so far have been bought by studios to be turned into movies, which shows how he has had the ability to pick amazing stories from real life and turn them into compelling tales worthy of becoming excellent feature films.


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