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‘AEW: Dynamite’ Review (Dec 23rd 2020)

by Nathan Favel

Welcome to this week’s AEW: Dynamite review, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and I…oh fuuuuuuuuudge…only I didn’t say fudge…I said f—. We’ve got lots tag matches, including The Acclaimed getting a shot at the straps and Jericho huffing his gut in the opener. Are you ready to rock?! ARE YOU READY TO ROCK?! ARE YOU READY TO ROCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK???????!!!!!!!!! …too bad. You’re reading now. All your rayviuw are belong to us! Sia gives me the creeps and Dynamite starts… now!

Match #1: Chris Jericho & MJF def. Top Flight

The following is courtesy of allelitewrestling.com:

“Le Dinner Debonair” partners Jericho and MJF made their AEW tag team debut here. Darius Martin and Chris Jericho began for their respective teams. Jericho slapped Darius but Darius followed up with a big right hand. “I think it took Jericho by surprise a little bit. These guys are so aggressive, they’re not lying back,” observed Jim Ross. Jericho struck back, but Darius clocked the “Demo God” with an enziguri! Dante tagged in and Top Flight showed off their tag team prowess working over Jericho in tandem. Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone mentioned how Top Flight reminded them of the Rock ‘N Roll Express with their fluent combinations. Jericho telegraphed a drop down from Dante and then tagged in MJF. Dante connected with a dropkick on MJF, sending MJF to the outside of the ring to collect his thoughts. Jericho and MJF got into the ring at the same time but Top Flight wouldn’t back down—both teams began trading shots! “These two brothers have got MJF and Jericho off their game,” said Jim Ross. On the outside of the ring, the Inner Circle got the upper hand on Top Flight. MJF tossed Dante back into the ring and dropped a short elbow on him. Jericho used a suplex on Dante. MJF tagged in and he and Jericho flap jacked Dante. Jericho distracted ref Aubrey Edwards while MJF and Jake Hager got in some cheap shots on Dante. Jericho set up Dante for a superplex off the top rope but Dante fought free of him! After shots to the ribs, Dante pushed Jericho off the ropes and sent him crashing to the mat! Dante Martin followed up with a high cross body block for a near fall on Jericho! Darius Martin tagged in and shocked MJF with a standing Spanish fly! He followed up with a tope suicida on Jericho! Darius knocked MJF back with a shotgun dropkick off the top rope! “This kid is quicker than a hiccup,” said Jim Ross. After a crisscross, MJF caught Dante with a powerbomb. Jericho tagged in and splashed Dante with a lionsault! Dante kicked out of the near fall! Jericho was looking for the lion tamer submission when Dante rolled him up for a two-count! Darius countered a double back body drop from Jericho and MJF with a double DDT! Darius clotheslined Jericho outside of the ring. Darius was about to jump from the apron to the rope when Jake Hager grabbed him from behind, slamming him face-first into the apron. MJF planted Darius with the heat seeker and scored the pin!

My Opinion: 3.7 out of 5

Match #2: Jurassic Express def. Colt Cabana and Dark Order’s “5” & “10”

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Cabana and Marko locked up. Cabana patted Marko on the head, but a dropkick from Marko knocked back Cabana. Five tagged in, but Jungle Boy did too, and began to chop away at him. Jungle Boy hit a beautiful dropkick on Five for a two-count! Marko tagged in and Jungle Boy hoisted Marko up with a ripcord splash combination for a near fall on Five. Colt Cabana broke up the count for his teammate. Luchasaurus tagged in and dropped Cabana with a massive chop! Luchasaurus chopped Ten down to the mat! Jungle Boy tagged in and floated over the top of Luchasaurus with a senton onto Ten for a two-count! Cabana ran interference, allowing Ten to wheelbarrow Jungle Boy back down onto the mat! Cabana tagged in and dropped an elbow on Jungle Boy. Cabana nailed Jungle Boy with a shoulder block. “Colt is really showing off in this match, first with an arrogant cover, and now a strut,” noted Schiavone. Jungle Boy used a rebounding lariat on Ten, nearly knocking him out of his wrestling boots! Luchasaurus tagged in and dished up big boots to Five and then a pump kick to Cabana. Five was isolated in the ring with the heavy handed dinosaur, who launched Five with a wheelbarrow German suplex. Luchasaurus dropped Ten with a wicked hook kick! He planted Five in the center of the ring with a chokeslam and followed up with a standing moonsault press! Jungle Boy pinned Five after a powerbomb combination with the assist from Luchasaurus!

My Opinion: 3 out of 5

Match #3: PAC def. The Butcher

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Eddie Kingston joined the commentary team for this match. PAC dodged Butcher and countered with thrust kicks! PAC followed up with roundhouse kicks to Butcher’s sternum. PAC ran and dropkicked Butcher on the side of the head! Butcher got up and countered with a diving crossbody block on PAC. Eddie Kingston noted that Butcher has been studying Stan Hansen tapes. Butcher hip tossed PAC and then stomped him for good measure. Butcher rocked PAC with a short Irish whip into the turnbuckles! “There’s your whiplash right there, man,” said Jim Ross. On the outside of the ring, PAC whipped Butcher into the metal barricade. Butcher stormed right back with a powerful boot to PAC’s head! They returned to the ring and PAC rallied back with more hard kicks to Butcher’s quads. PAC put an exclamation on the sequence with a kick to Butcher’s jaw! PAC followed up with a shotgun dropkick, nearly knocking The Butcher out of the ring! PAC was about to hit his Black Arrow from the top rope when The Blade ran and shoulder blocked Penta El Zero Miedo on the outside of the ring! PAC turned back around and was met with a lariat from The Butcher! “Don’t turn your back on a big monster like The Butcher, I can tell you that,” said Jim Ross. Butcher walloped PAC with a falling powerbomb for a two-count! Eddie Kingston yelled at The Butcher to finish off PAC. Kingston walked away from the broadcast booth so Butcher could hear him—but out walked “The MurderHawk Monster” Lance Archer! Kingston wanted no part of it and cowered behind the broadcast booth. PAC dropped Butcher with a big, right roundhouse kick! PAC shot off the top rope with the Black Arrow and pinned Butcher!

My Opinion: 3.3 out of 5

Match #4: Dustin Rhodes def. Evil Uno

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As Dustin was entering the ring, Evil Uno slapped the taste right out of Dustin’s mouth! “None of us were expecting that,” said Tony Schiavone. Dustin retaliated with repeated shots to Uno’s head. Uno caught Dustin with a dropkick and then rammed him into the steel guardrail. “Uno is very underrated in my estimation,” said Jim Ross. Once they returned to the ring, Dustin started stomping away at Uno, taking exception to Uno’s “7” comment from last week. The momentum shifted again, though, as Evil Uno launched himself and landed with a senton atomico onto Dustin for a two-count. Evil Uno smashed Dustin on the crown of his head with a piledriver! Dustin kicked out at the ref’s two! “These two guys have pushed each other to their limits,” noted Schiavone. Uno snapped of a kick at Dustin, but Dustin followed up with the running bulldog for the pin!

My Opinion: 3 out of 5

Match #5: Hikaru Shida def. Alex Gracia

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Shida slammed Gracia’s head into the turnbuckle repeatedly. Gracia rolled up Shida with an inside cradle but Shida escaped. Gracia followed up with a running boot to Shida in the corner! Shida came back with a delayed vertical suplex on Gracia! Shida charged in with the big knee strike as Gracia’s head was draped over the ring apron. Abadon appeared ringside like a zombie, but Shida ran and pulled her over the barricade! Shida ran back into the ring before ref Aubrey Edwards made it to the 10-count! Shida executed a powerful falcon arrow and pinned Alex Gracia!

My Opinion: 2.8 out of 5

Match #6: (Main Event) The Young Bucks def. The Acclaimed – AEW World Tag Team Championship Match

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Caster hit Matt with a right hand, but Matt matched him with a dropkick and an arm drag. Nick and Matt suplexed Caster onto Bowens! “Bucks dominating here in the early going putting this young team in their place,” said Jim Ross. The Bucks hit stereo baseball slides onto The Acclaimed, who were standing outside the ring. Matt speared Caster, taking him off his feet! The Bucks connected Risky Business on the outside onto Caster! Matt catapulted Bowens into a kick from Nick, and then Nick squashed him with double foot stomps! Matt ran into the ropes but Caster swept out his leg by grabbing the ankle. Nick tagged in and cleaned house! “He is unstoppable when he is on a roll like that,” noted Excalibur. Nick went for a swanton but Bowens got his knees up! Caster followed through by dropping Nick directly on the ring apron! Bowens covered but Nick kicked out at two! Bowens kept punishing Nick’s lower back with high impact blows, including a hammer toss into the corner. Matt Jackson tagged in and dished up heapings of right hands to Caster and Bowens! “Look at the fire of Matt Jackson. My goodness,” said Tony Schiavone. Matt faked a superkick and then blasted The Acclaimed with a double DDT! “They were looking for the fast ball and they got the curve, with a head and shoulder fake by Matt Jackson,” said Jim Ross. Matt used his locomotion Northern Lights suplexes on Bowens. He locked in the sharpshooter! Caster ran in with a strike to Matt to break the submission attempt. But Matt held on and asked, “Is that all you’ve got!?” Nick pulled Caster out of the ring and applied a sharpshooter too! Inside the ring, Bowens finally made it to the bottom rope to break the hold. The Bucks blasted Bowens with the Doomsday Device! Bowens kicked out of Nick’s pin at two! The Acclaimed isolated Nick after sending Matt over the barricade outside. Caster superplexed Nick and then Bowens followed up with a splash, but Matt made the save with little time to spare! Matt tagged in and traded shots with Caster! Nick entered the fray and inadvertently superkicked ref Rick Knox! With the ref down, Max Caster used a low blow on Nick Jackson. Bowens rammed the boom box into Nick’s face! Ref Paul Turner ran down to make the count, but Nick kicked out at two! “My God, how close!” said Jim Ross. Bowens and Caster tried to set up Nick with the Acclaimed to Fame finisher or the Indy Taker perhaps, but Nick escaped. Matt powerbombed Bowens through the timekeeper’s table! Nick superkicked Caster! The Bucks isolated Max Caster and blasted him with the BTE Trigger, and then Matt pinned Caster!

My Opinion: 3.5 out of 5

Final Verdict: 3.4/5

Sting was the best part of this show, with his Dusty Rhodes impression. That’s sad. The opener was the best match by a wide margin, even if the scores indicate that it was only a few number’s difference. MJF sold like crazy for Top Flight, who gave one of the best flippy-dippy performances of the year. Abadon bit Shida to sell that feud and, while a bit too over the top for my taste, it was effective nonetheless. Jade Cargill wants to fight someone, so there’s that. Taz takes-up too much TV time with his promos. Why do Brian Cage and Ricky Starks feel like such an afterthought now that they are with Taz? Team Taz is feuding with Sting and Darby Allin, so maybe there will be a series of different matches right there. The main event was a nice showcase for The Acclaimed, but the fact that I remember their John Cena-like promos more than their wrestling is not a good sign. The Young Bucks did their job and made the challengers look competitive in their first tag title shot. I looked competitive killing those kids. Tickle Me Elmo is mine, you little bastards! Elmo says, “Don’t f—– touch me! HAHAHEEHEEHEE!” I don’t know. There was too much going on here to keep track of. Why can’t wrestling shows just be simple? Have your six matches, let them go 11 to 20 minutes and promote the next set of matches before the current show ends. That sounds better than what WCW 3.0 is doing with just throwing stuff at the wall and seeing if it sticks. Well, at least this was fun, even in a messy sort of way.


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