22nd Dec2020

Has the Popularity of Online Casinos Increased or Decreased in 2020?

by James Smith

The year 2020 will go down in history as a year that we’ll all remember. A lot has happened that had a dramatic impact and changed our lives. It brings the question to mind if this year caused any changes in the online casino industry. The short answer is: Yes, the popularity of online casinos increased in 2020.

We’ve consulted with casino expert, Jordan Carry, about the industry and whether or not it’s increased or decreased recently. You can view his profile here.

What Was the Cause of This Increase?

As more people started to work from home, a lot of our daily activities moved online. Mobile and web-based platforms make it easy to play from anywhere, and many gamblers started to use these platforms to play casino online.

Players had more time on their hands, and in combination with easier access, the popularity of remote gambling increased. Market research shows that it will grow even more over the next few years.

The Rapid Growth of Online Casinos

Advancement in technology made a tremendous impact on casino popularity. Any gambler can play from the comfort of their living room; roulette, poker, blackjack, and other traditional games are all available on betting websites.

It’s now as simple as depositing money into your online gambling account, choosing a game, and hitting a button to start playing. Some people who’ve never gambled before have started to play because technology makes it so easy.

How Did the Events of 2020 Influence Web-Based Casinos in 2020?

Since most people now spend a lot of time at home, this, in turn, has changed the way we view entertainment. For people who gamble, this afforded them more time to play on betting websites. It’s interesting to note that gamblers also spend more time and money than non-gamblers on other remote activities such as:

  • Spending more money on non-gambling online entertainment
  • Spending more time in front of the television
  • Consuming more on-demand entertainment

Online Gambling in the United Kingdom

Online gambling popularity is also growing in the United Kingdom. Between 2011 and 2018, the gross gambling yield (GGY) increased from £8.4 billion to £14.4 billion. In 2014 the legislation for online gambling, also known as remote gambling, changed. Since then, online gambling generates the largest part of the GGY.

Here are some interesting facts about the UK gambling industry:

  • In 2018 it provided jobs for 100 thousand employees.
  • Most of them work in the betting sector.
  • Only 10 people run more than half of the gambling enterprises.

What Happened to Sports Betting?

Due to the cancellation of many sports events, arcade-style games and online casino games are now more popular than sports betting. That doesn’t mean that sports betting is dead. This major industry is under strict regulation in the UK, and large betting companies rely on this for income.

Football is a worldwide cultural phenomenon and has a large fanbase who also bet on their favourite teams. Horse racing, boxing, and tennis betting contribute to making sports betting a profitable industry. Although it did slow down in 2020, sports betting is here to stay.


To answer the question of if the popularity of online casinos increased or decreased in 2020: The popularity increased. It’s worth noting that brick-and-mortar casinos are already starting to reopen, and live sports are also starting up again.

Therefore, it makes sense to expect to see a dip in the popularity of online gambling during this next year. However, it’ll almost certainly be a momentary decrease since interest in online gambling is on the rise, overall.

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