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‘Ring of Honor’ Wrestling Review (Dec 12th 2020)

by Nathan Favel

Welcome to this week’s Ring Of Honor review, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and we have two matches to whet our appetite for Final Battle. I’m excited for Brody King to go after RUSH and the World Title, but I’m more excited to freeze my pee and use it as ice cubes for the neighbor boy…little bastard. Make fun of my over-bite will you? How about I gum ya ta death?! NANANANANANANANANA!!!!!!!!! Well, before I get caught-up in the minutia of my daily life, here’s ROH:

Match #1: Mark Briscoe and PCO def. The Bouncers

The following is courtesy of rohwrestling.com:

Mark Briscoe has been laser-focused on regaining the ROH World Tag Team Title that he and his brother Jay lost at Final Battle last year. Jay, however, has been consumed with his personal issue with EC3. So with Jay signed to face EC3 in a grudge match at Final Battle, Mark went out and found himself a new partner to challenge ROH World Tag Team Champions Lethal and Gresham at the pay-per-view. PCO, a former ROH World Champion, World Tag Team Champion and World Six-Man Tag Team Champion, jumped at the opportunity to wear gold around his waist again. Mark Briscoe and PCO are both incredibly intense individuals with no regard for their own safety, but whether they can jell as a team remains to be seen. They have had some bloody battles against each other, but they’ve never fought on the same side. Conversely, The Bouncers (Beer City Bruiser and Brawler Milonas) are best friends who have been teaming together for two years. They’re looking at this match against Briscoe and PCO as an opportunity to prove that they’re more than just a couple of fun-loving, beer-swilling guys who enjoy a good fight. “We’re done being the guys that, ‘Oh, yeah, you lost, so let’s all go have a beer.’ No, we’re done with that,” Bruiser said. “We’re going to do whatever it takes. We’re going to punch whoever we have to punch. Because our goal, our mindset, is set on winning the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Championship.” After several minutes of hard-hitting, back-and-forth action, PCO knocked Milonas out of the ring with a discus forearm. PCO followed with a dive through the ropes onto Milonas. Bruiser hit a cannonball off the apron onto PCO. Briscoe then hit a blockbuster off the apron on Bruiser. PCO missed a senton off the top and landed hard on the apron. Later, PCO rocked Bruiser with a series of shoulder tackles and a front Russian leg sweep for a near fall. Milonas ran PCO into the post outside the ring. Briscoe set up a chair in the corner and used it to somersault over the top rope onto Milonas on the floor. PCO hit a moonsault on Bruiser for the win at 11:04. Victorious in their first match as a team, Briscoe and PCO head into their title match against ROH World Tag Team Champions Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham at the Final Battle pay-per-view on Dec. 18 with momentum.

My Opinion: 3.1 out of 5 – The make-shift team of PCO and Mark really made for a dynamite (HA!) team that made my balls twist into a pretzel because I can’t figure out how Hillbilly Jim Jr. and Franken-F——-Stein got stuck together as team. Was Bobo The Clown not available? Is the restraining order still in effect against the little boy he spat at? How’d that go? F— you Billy?! Anyway, The Chubby Whubbies copped an attitude with the Alabama side of the Kennedy family and we got a big ol’ smack-around that didn’t quite become the match I was hoping for. Mark had that freaky lesbian-in-a-barrel appeal that I’ve always lived in fear of. I hate barrels. There’s all sorts of that odd sort of rhythm to the action that might not be what you’d pay for, but it does get you to pay attention as well. PCO did his now standard feats of death, including every large bump you can think of.

Match #2: Flip Gordon def. Josh Woods – Pure Rules Match

The following is courtesy of rohwrestling.com:

Woods has taken a major step forward as a singles wrestler in 2020. On the heels of a breakout performance in the Pure Title Tournament that saw him advance to the final four, Woods scored what was easily the biggest victory of his career when he pinned two-time former ROH World Champion Jay Lethal two weeks ago. Gordon has already established himself as a top singles competitor. “The Mercenary” has an ROH World Title shot coming to him by virtue of his win in a No. 1 contender’s battle royal in February. One of the best high flyers in the sport, Gordon wants to prove that he’s also a great technical wrestler. Gordon, who has a background in MMA and amateur wrestling, feels disrespected over not being invited to participate in the Pure Title Tournament. He petitioned for a shot at ROH Pure Champion Jonathan Gresham at the Final Battle pay-per-view on Dec. 18, and ROH officials granted his request. A case could be made that Gordon, who has never competed in a Pure Rules match, hasn’t earned a Pure Title opportunity. However, if he defeats Woods this weekend, no one can argue that Gordon isn’t a worthy contender. Of course, beating Woods is easier said than done, especially in a Pure Rules Match. Just ask Lethal, “The Franchise of ROH.” Woods has his own title opportunity at Final Battle, as he is competing in a four-way match with Dak Draper, LSG and Tony Deppen, with the winner receiving a shot at ROH World Television Champion Dragon Lee that same night. Woods obviously wants to head into Final Battle with momentum. This was the first Pure Rules Match for Gordon, who will face ROH Pure Champion Gresham for the title at Final Battle. Woods caught Gordon in an ankle lock, and Gordon used the first of his three allotted rope breaks just 30 seconds into the match. Gordon dropkicked Woods out of the ring and followed with a dive through the ropes. After the action returned to inside the ring, Woods powered Gordon into the ropes. Gordon grabbed hold of the top rope and landed a series of elbows to the back of Woods’ neck. The referee ruled it as a rope break for Gordon, his second. Woods hit an overhead belly to belly suplex and a running knee in the corner for a near fall. Woods hit a superplex and powerbomb for a near fall. Gordon connected on a moonsault for a near fall, and then hit a curb stomp for the win at 9:34. It was an impressive victory for Gordon, as Woods was coming off a big win over Lethal.

My Opinion: 3.7 out of 5 – It’s interesting…the pace of this match I mean. I found this awfully slow, but rather lovely so. Gordon went at Woods like he was molasses rip-roarin’ full of high-octane and lamb piss. Lisa! Turn down that saxamaphone! Gordon was less Pure than he should have been, but he didn’t throw off the flow of the combat either… A lot of this was Woods getting struck by Gordon’s infinitely flippy offense and barreling through it to get a new position to launch back into the fray with. Woods and Gordon worked hard to keep this tight and intense and they were successful, like Donald Trump when he ate those kids. Hey! Yes he did! This needed a few more minutes to have a chance to sink its teeth into the steak, but the part of the meal that the match got to eat was enough to make for a fairly satisfying feast.

Final Verdict: 3.4/5

Well, this was alright. Two decent matches made for a decent show that is building toward a decent Final Battle card. It’s nice to have wrestling during the year of a thousand problems. Don’t forget to enjoy this stuff and I promise not to lose sight of the fun either.


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