18th Dec2020

Interview: Writer/director Henry Blake talks ‘County Lines’

by Stuart Wright

In his latest podcast/interview, host and screenwriter Stuart Wright talks with County Lines writer/director Henry Blake about his debut feature film and the creative processes that got him there.

The term ‘county lines’ describes the practice of using children to traffic drugs from cities to coastal towns and rural areas, an under-reported fact of modern British life. Inspired by the stories he heard while mentoring kids at an East London pupil referral unit, writer-director Henry Blake’s powerful feature debut boasts a compelling central performance by Conrad Khan as 14-year-old Tyler, whose mum Toni (Ashley Madekwe) is struggling to provide for him and his sister. Excluded from school, Tyler becomes a train-bound narcotics courier for local criminal Simon, played with a calm menace by Harris Dickinson. County Lines (2019) depicts the ensuing cycle of debt, deceit and violent exploitation with a quiet stylistic confidence that’s all the more haunting for being so rigorously unsentimental.

County Lines, which stars stars Conrad Khan, Ashley Madekwe, Harris Dickinson and Marcus Rutherford, is in cinemas and on digital now.


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