18th Dec2020

CineAsia announce UK release of Jackie Chan’s ‘Vanguard’

by Phil Wheat

CineAsia have announced the UK release of action adventure Vanguard, the new pairing of director Stanley Tong (Rumble in the Bronx, Supercop) and action legend Jackie Chan (Police Story, Rush Hour) and a noted return to form for Chan’s unique blend of action comedy. It’s arriving on demand and in selected cinemas (subject to local lockdown restrictions) from 8th January and on Blu-ray & DVD 11th January 2021.

Marking the latest collaboration between acclaimed Hong Kong director Stanley Tong (The Myth, Rumble in the Bronx, Supercop) and action legend Jackie Chan (The Foreigner, Police Story, Rush Hour), Vanguard is a wild globetrotting adventure and a throwback to the days of gloriously over-the-top action cinema.

When a client of the international “Vanguard” security agency is kidnapped during Chinatown’s famous Lunar celebrations in London, this elite team (led by Chan) is sent to the rescue, taking them on a wildly ambitious mission all over the world. The adventure takes them from the rivers of Africa, to a heavily guarded fort in India, and an exhilarating car chase in Dubai, all the while unravelling a global conspiracy.

Vanguard boasts stunning action choreography, amazing stunts and the brand of fast-paced action-comedy that made Jackie Chan a global star. CineAsia presents Vanguard in selected cinemas and on demand 8th January and Blu-ray & DVD on 11th January 2021.


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