14th Dec2020

‘Skylin3s’ zoom Q&A – How to Watch today!

by Kevin Haldon

I have been podcasting and reviewing for some time now. I love the whole process. It was surprising and humbling when actors, directors, producers, distributors and all manner of creatives within the industry started speaking to us. Add to this that we seemed to start gaining a little bit of credit due to the relaxed nature of the interviews… I mean Toby Osmond was that relaxed once he went for a sit down toilet mid interview!

This led to comic cons, set visits, interviews, quotes on boxes, movie premieres, a trip to America to meet other podcasters and so many other amazing things. I had this idea in my head that I really wanted to push the world of indie film, get it infront of as many eyes as possible; though beyond that I just wasn’t sure how I would do it. Then 2020 hit and all of a sudden everything shuts down and goes online, it was time.

After a month or two of back and forth and an amazing interview with director Liam O’Donnell for his new flick Skylin3s ahead of its Frightfest Digital Premiere, I have managed to secure an Online Zoom Q&A moderated by myself with CW’s The 100 star Lindsey Morgan playing lead Captain Rose, up and coming Brit Jonathan Howard from Dream Team back in the day, Alexander Siddig (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) who needs no introduction and action legend Daniel Bernhardt (Bloodsport 2-4).

What’s more I have been granted permission to invite an audience… Yes, that’s right, in a year of Covid, social distancing and lockdowns I am trying my best to bring asocially active Q&A style Panel where people can come participate and even ask a question or two. I can’t thank Liam or his cast enough for embracing this concept and running with it. I can’t wait to sit down with everyone and get into some Skylin3s chat.

If you would like the chance to join the room, head over to @NerdlyPod or @NerdlyUK Twitter and let us know. If you can’t make the room, fear not, because we shall be live-streaming the event too on YouTube just go look for NerdlyUK.

The Skylin3s zoom Q&A takes place TODAY, 14th Dec at 5pm GMT; 12pm ET; and 9am PST


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