08th Dec2020

Top 7 Resources for Self-education

by James Smith

The contemporary world is changing extremely fast. The requirements and demands of employers are increasing. How can a modern student manage to acquire all the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience? By the time they graduate, expectations of potential employers will change. To keep abreast of the changes, everyone, not only students and graduates, can check platforms that provide great prospects of self-education. Their number is impressive, while lots of them offer information for free. So, if you are interested, read on.


There is probably no person in the world who has not heard about the platform of online free courses. Its specific feature is that it works in partnership with numerous leading universities and colleges to provide people from all over the world with a high-quality education from top specialists. Another feature of the platform is that it provides a lot of materials on AI. A lot of companies who see the future in this technology are actively using the resources of Coursera to educate their employees.


Another platform widely used by students and graduates who want to add several certificates to their portfolio and CVs. edX provides materials in the following formats:

  • online podcasts,
  • blended learning,
  • video/audio files,
  • game-based learning, etc.
  • Some materials are free, while others are paid.


Fifty languages, 50 million students, 150,000 courses — all these figures are about Udemy. The variety of topics covered on the platform is impressive. It does not matter what you are interested in, this site will have some content that will satisfy your needs. Just think about a RapidEssay Service that can help you with any assignment you have difficulties with. Udemy has a lot to offer to its students, as well as teachers, lectors, and professors.

Khan Academy

It is another platform that partners with universities and institutions of higher education. There are approximately 18 million users per month and 150 employees working to ensure the functionality of the platform, which is user-friendly and simple. The Academy offers numerous tutorials from basic arithmetic to chemistry, physics, history, art, and more.

Open Culture

These online courses are peculiar because the materials available there can be also found only on private websites of universities with which the platform is in cooperation. The major part of lecturers is from the institutions of the USA, Australia, England, and Wales. There are more than a thousand lectures, videos, and podcasts on this educational platform.

Academic Earth

The platform has collected numerous videos from leading colleges and universities. A peculiar feature is that these videos can keep the interest of students who cannot retain their attention on an object for a long time. So, if there is a topic you have not understood in a classroom, or you have missed it completely, Academic Earth is the right place to fill this gap.


Apple is never behind, even when it comes to online education. The platform is a part of the iTunes Store. Thus, users of any Apple device may have access to a range of online courses and educational materials available there. Hundreds and thousands of lectures for different age groups are already there for Apple users.

Final Words

As you can see, there are a lot of educational materials available on the Internet. They are even free, unlike education in a college or university. Thus, together with higher demands and stricter requirements, this world provides even more opportunities to develop and improve your knowledge. Be motivated and self-disciplined enough to make use of them.

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