07th Dec2020

‘Major League Wrestling: Fusion’ Review (Dec 3rd 2020)

by Nathan Favel

Welcome to this week’s Major League Wrestling: Fusion review, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and we have more of the Opera Cup, which I think is some-thing to sing about. Let’s clap your hands together for James Bronnnnnnnnntasaurus! Badadadadoo! I eat wood! Danadandoo! It tastes good! Danadanadoo! Eat it! I eat wood! Buh buh buh buh!

Match #1: ACH def. Laredo Kid – 2020 Opera Cup Tournament Match (Opening Round)

The following is courtesy of mlw.com:

Before the match, Laredo Kid says he’s going to advance because he’s the most complete luchadore in Lucha Libre. ACH thinks Laredo Kid is fantastic, but he’s not too familiar with his work. That gets ACH excited as he’s ready for the challenge and wants to see LK at his best. Bell rings and the two stars lock up. ACH takes advantage with an arm wrench and grounds LK, but there’s that lucha libre coming into play. He escapes and gets the leverage, but ACH does the same and the two go back and forth with their own pin attempts. LK flips to his feet and gets a competitive shove from ACH. Side headlock by Laredo Kid who then turns it into a shoulder block. He catches ACH with a savate kick in the gut. Action goes to the apron and a kick to forehead dizzies ACH. Laredo leaps back into the ring with a shotgun dropkick and ACH goes to the outside. LK sizes him up and then leaps off with an inside out moonsault onto the floor! LK shoots ACH back onto the canvas and goes for a cover, but it’s only good for one. He doesn’t relent and corners ACH, giving him a crisp slap across the jaw. The two find themselves at the same apron once more, but this time ACH makes the most of it with a crisp punt to the mush of LK. Even ACH felt the impact of that one, but he stays on top with a snap suplex to the outside. Back in the ring, LK fights ACH off, but a low dropkick and double foot back stomp gets a pin attempt for Austin, Texas’ own. Big back breaker by ACH. Cover for two. LK elbows ACH to fend him off, but ACH reads it out and capitalizes with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. ACH looking mighty crisp tonight. A shot to the back gives ACH a little opportunity to shimmy. Laredo KId, however, makes him pay with a series of kicks. The veteran ACH reads it and springboards off the ropes for a dropkick, sending LK crashing into the steps on the outside. LK has has bearings still and trips up ACH on the apron. This allows him to hit a cross body and a lariat on ACH. LK hits “two amigos” before adjusting for a Northern Lights Suplex for a near fall. ACH takes a back elbow from LK and it allows him to go for a cross body, but ACH rolls through it and gives LK a modified swinging fallaway slam. ACH favors his back and when he goes for a suplex, but LK turns the offense in his favor for a Michinoku Driver. He then hits not one, but two moonsaults on ACH – cover: 1-2-no! LK slaps ACH in the corner, but the two jock for position up top. LK attempts a superplex, but ACH rolls over for a powerbomb. LK holds on, but ACH waits briefly to catch LK off guard to execute that major powerbomb! Cover, but somehow LK kicks out. It’s not long before the two trade forearms LK tries to scout a backhand and covers up. This allows ACH to kick LK in the gut and leads the action to the corner. Both men find themselves on the ropes and on the turnbuckle. It’s LK making the most of it by leaping off with a major cutter. Both men are down for awhile until LK covers, but by that point it’s only good for a one count. LK ascends once more, but a sharp kick to the head knocks Laredo Kid down and ACH hits his “Spirit Bomb” brainbuster for the three count!

My Opinion: 3.7 out of 5 – This was like any great X-Division stunt-sprint and it got over twelve minutes to do it. I had a blast watching these guys go from spot to spot and fight from all angles. That being said, I cringe whenever I see guys taking large amounts of bumps, like they did here, so that weighs heavily on me. ACH, despite his personal troubles, seems to have his professional skills in perfect alignment if his performance here is any indication. Give this one a go and you’ll go gaga for it…or you’ll hate it.

Match #2: Mads Krugger def. Ariel Dominguez

The following is courtesy of mlw.com:

Dominguez looks mighty wary as the bell rings and tries to figure out the best route to take against CONTRA’s Black Hand. He soon finds that the answer to that is that there is no answer. Krugger flings Ariel around. Ariel manages to avoid Krugger’s charge, but makes a mistake when he leaps off the rope. Krugger catches fiercely by the throat and faceplants him down hard for the victory.

My Opinion: 2 out of 5 – Dumb ol’ squash! I won’t eat it! I won’t! You can’t make me! PLEH!!!!

Match #3: (Main Event) Low Ki def. Davey Boy Smith Jr. – 2020 Opera Cup Tournament Match (Opening Round)

The following is courtesy of mlw.com:

Low Ki pats the Opera Cup in respect as he walks by the silver prize. Davey looks determined as ever as he enters. Both men size one another up before shaking hands. Low Ki looks to be aiming for the legs, but Davey Boy’s height makes Ki re-adjust his gameplan. The two once more exchange hand slaps and Davey has Low Ki in a standing switch. He powers him onto the apron. Rich Bocchini makes note of Low Ki being a knock out artist which could certainly be a factor. Davey downs Low Ki in the ring and the mat game soon gets going. Davey feeds the knee into the downed Low Ki as the two work one another back and forth on the mat. Both men find themselves to their feet after a brief pin attempt. Low Ki sweeps the massive legs of Davey Boy to work the left ankle, but DBS rolls free. Strong snapmare followed by a tight headlock on the ground by Davey. The Bulldog looks to wear Low Ki down. Low Ki gets to his feet briefly but Davey Boy flips him down. Two count. The competitors arms’ are intertwined and Low Ki rolls DB up for a two count. Smith continues to lock the leg, but Low Ki escapes and both men are at a vertical base once more. Sharp kicks by Low Ki and capitalizes with a dragon screw leg whip. The ref tries to give him a bit of a breather, but The Lethal Weapon Low Ki does not relent and continues to attack the leg. He boots DB down and the two find themselves in a suplex lock-up. The much powerful DB gets the better of it and gives a hard snap suplex. Two count. DB stomps at the ribs of Low Ki. He smashes Ki’s face into the turnbuckle but that only fires Ki up and sends DB in the opposite corner. Some really harsh elbows by Low Ki which forces Davey to fling him off to the outside. The two brawl on the outside but the referee prompts the two men to answer the 20 count. DB obliges and steps on the fingers of Low Ki. Big vert suplex from the apron by Davey Boy for a two count. Davey bounces the shoulder of Low Ki and then busts it off the mat. Nonetheless, Low Ki says he’s “still in,” but Davey continues to wear down the arm. A rope break gives Ki a bit of a reprieve. A kick to the sternum to Low Ki in the corner before he chokes him with his boot, Davey Boy then flips over to torque Ki’s shoulder. He covers for a two count. Low Ki looks to be in trouble as DB hits him with an elbow, but DB nearly gets caught with a crucifix pin attempt. That doesn’t waver Smith’s gameplan and still focuses on the left arm specifically with a wrist lock. He levels Low Ki with a shoulder block. A pin attempt before he locks in another wrist lock. Davey hits a Russian Sickle on Low Ki and then hoists him up by the shoulder to slam him down. DB goes for a suplex, but Low Ki turns it into a roll up for a near fall. Davey stays on the offensive who is a bit fired up. DB lands a big German before dusting his hands off. Pin attempt. Only two. DB stays true to his mat style and wrenches the hand of Low Ki before sizing him up for another German, but this time Low Ki lands on his feet and stomps on a downed Davey! This gives Ki a bit of time to recover and soon utilizes the ropes for a springboard leg whip. He tries to tie Davey up and does so in an impressive modified octopus. Dave does all he can to escape and even bites the leg of Low Ki, but ultimately a rope break frees The Bulldog. Ki hits a flurry of kicks before nailing DB hard with a running shotgun dropkick. Ki covers, but Davey kicks out. Ki can’t believe it. Low Ki climbs up top but DB meets him there. Ki tries to elude with a handstand of sorts and shoves Davey off. Low Ki leaps off with his foot stomp, Davey rolls and catches him with a powerslam. 1-2-no! Davey takes out his mouth guard and means business. Low Ki, however, catches DB on the shoulders with his guillotine choke reminiscent of last year’s battle. Davey Boy looks to be fading and Low Ki seizes the moment to put all his weight on top of DB to roll him up for the unexpected victory!

My Opinion: 4.1 out of 5 – This got 20 minutes and it kicked ass. You get intense technical grappling and split-second twists in the offense that make both fighters look tough-as-nails. Low Ki still has the goods after all these years. DBS is like Jerry Lawler if he was stuffed into Dolph Lundgren’s body. That’s cool. The whole thing felt like a sports contest, which ain’t bad for pro wrestling. You get stiff strikes and strong slams and every other kind of brutal attack you can think of. I really loved this and I loved seeing jerk-wad Low Ki pretend he was The Ultimate Warrior for the 2077th time while he won a match.

Final Verdict: 4/5

There was more wrestling in this hour than in many two hour broadcasts from WWE and Impact. I’m a happy little fella.


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