02nd Dec2020

‘Cold Feet’ Review

by Alain Elliott

Stars: Gabe Arredondo, Adam Burns, Allen C. Gardner, Matthew Gilliam, Matt Mercer, Nathan Ross Murphy, Drew Paslay, Matthew Stiller, Kenneth Farmer, Lindsey Roberts, Najarra Townsend | Written by Allen C. Gardner | Directed by Brad Ellis, Allen C. Gardner

Bachelor Parties or the ‘Stag Do’ as people in the U.K. will know it, aren’t the most common of places for a horror movie to take place. But here we are with Cold Feet. A group of friends rent a house for a night and in the morning find a stripper dead, a ghost inside the house, and snipers waiting for them outside. Not a good place to be.

Cold Feet takes place entirely in that one location and it’s a good example of how to make something good out of exactly that. It’s not creative in using its one space but it uses plenty of dialogue and keeps things generally comedic. Coming in at about eighty minutes long it never outstays its welcome either. The cast is quite big considering the limitations and no-one is really the ‘lead’ role. Each character (of the main eight or so) seems to get a similar amount of screen time and dialogue. All the actors have moments where they do well and moments when they falter a little but it’s mostly good. When the performances aren’t so great it’s because of the script which isn’t helping anyone at times. It’s at its worse when it goes too far down the silly comedy route. A man screaming like a girl when scared is the kind of thing that is rarely funny. Especially in a movie that attempts a few emotional scenes and has a comedy that works a lot of the time.

I wouldn’t go as far as saying the characters are likable. When are guys going on a stag do ever likable? But they are relatable and realistic, this is exactly how I’d imagine this group of friends to be. And there’s some good chemistry with the cast, it’s easy to believe everyone here are friends.

The script does throw in a few twists, mainly for comedic value but they are decent and don’t seem put in there for no reason. The script is original too, you won’t find too many haunted house movies like this one. Horror fans will be disappointed that despite this featuring a ghost, there’s nothing at all in the way of scares. It isn’t that type of film. And yes there is one or two ‘murders’ but we don’t get to really see them happen either. Cold Feet is more for comedy fans who want to watch something a little different from the usual.

There is plenty to enjoy though, with each actor performing well and lots of laughs the run time does fly by. You’re unlikely to see many comedies with a ghost making its way through a group of friends locked inside. But that’s exactly what Cold Feet is and it does it well.

*** 3/5


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