13th Nov2020

Gaming smart in lockdown times

by James Smith

More people could be turning to video gaming online as a way of coping with COVID-19 lockdown. It has been suggested that to combat the isolation created by the pandemic, playing games online could be a way for people to socialize with friends or family, and keep entertained.

So with all this time home, in between two games of whatever makes you boost that entertainment level of yours, why not play for some “on the side cash”. Making money through Covid is generally harder and not everyone can procure themselves a freelance job or even a Zoom version of their former job. So investing some of that spare time on local apps might be a good opportunity!

Figures have shown a remarkable rise in the number of gamers using an online video gambling platform since the Governments imposed the lockdown. As most people were literally left to their own devices during COVID-19 related lockdowns, many began engaging with technology in different new ways. In some instances, the online casinos could be enjoyed via an app, whereas those searching for a more immersive experience are trying out the solutions that virtual reality can offer.

Many of the best new casino app libraries provide free demo versions of your favorite titles. Very easy to access from governmental websites guiding the people to secure and trusted companies. There are two types of mobile gambling outlets: apps and optimized websites. The first is specifically developed and designed applications that you will need to download from the Play Store or App Store, depending on the device you are using.

However, a mobile-optimized website can be accessed immediately through your favorite web browser. There is no need to download anything, and with the advances of HTML5 as a programming language, more and more titles are available to play at mobile casino sites instantly through the browser.

The regulations in the UK these days have a lot of restrictions on free play games in order to protect minors, so more often than not you will be required to sign in to an account before you can test anything.
We always recommend that you play any casino game for free before risking real money on them, as you may find that the first few rounds are throwing away money before you actually understand how to play the game. There is no risk involved with testing a demo, so always check if you can, first

In short, people have found that the world of online casinos is much different from their original iteration many years ago. As well as offering a more immersive experience, there is also social interaction that makes playing casino games at home more fun. Of course, responsibility needs to be at the forefront of each transaction. Still, many of the leading platforms have measures in place to ensure users are enjoying casino games without there being financial implications.

Real-world casinos will remain to be popular, but the pandemic has meant people have had to peek behind the curtain of online gaming and are pleasantly surprised by what they unearth. So give it a try, be smart, and get something out of this Lockdown!

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