02nd Nov2020

6 Top Tips To Help You Become A Professional Gamer

by James Smith

Gaming has evolved since classics like Pac-Man, where winning meant getting the highest score among your friends at the local arcade. These days, several lucrative electronic sports (eSports) competitions exist for gamers to play against the best for huge sums of money. eSports is now widespread and profitable globally, as Ovum predicts its global market value will rise to $1.9 billion by 2022. Would you like to be a professional gamer? Here are six effective tips for you.

Pick a game to master

Several neuroscience studies stress the efficiency of single tasking versus multi-tasking. It is not surprising that many professional gamers agree that honing your skills in one game is vital to becoming a professional. There are thousands of available games for gamers to choose from, but to achieve mastery, you must alienate all other games at the expense of one. This single game is what you will direct all your attention and practice towards, and it is this fixation that improves your skills, making you better than most other players. Therefore, you should settle on that one game you love and are relatively good at making practice more manageable and keeping you motivated.

Practice Intensely

With gaming, practice does make perfect indeed. To reach the top in the professional gaming world, professionals advise that you cannot cut corners with your training. You will need to limit social events and other commitments to enable you to put in the hours required to gain valuable experience in your chosen game. Repeatedly playing a game allows you to discover the best tactics and other creative ways to handle difficult situations, improving your overall gameplay over time. Tyler Polchow, a member of the 2014 Call of Duty World Championship winning team, reveals that he and his team invested more than eight hours into daily practice, a commitment he strongly believes gave them an advantage throughout the whole contest.

Be health-conscious

Gaming involves spending a lot of time being stationary behind a bright screen, among other things. Several studies have linked gaming to inactivity, sleep deprivation, vision problems, obesity, bad posture, among others. Therefore, you will need to be conscious of these concerns in your preparations towards achieving professional status to make you fit for high-level competition. Invest in a good gaming chair to ensure that you have no posture problems. Stick to a good sleep schedule to get enough rest and maintain overall well-being. Remember to eat right and exercise as well. Also, proper eyewear will ease eyestrain during screen use, so it would be best to follow this link to get yourself a trendy pair of glasses to protect your eyes from damage.

Get the right gear

Having suitable gaming equipment is crucial to your success as a pro gamer, so do not hesitate to invest in them. eSports event organizers bring only the best hardware to enable smooth gameplay, and you must follow suit. If your game is console-based, then securing a PlayStation or Xbox will suffice. However, if your game is PC based, it would be best to acquire professional-grade gaming peripherals to acquaint yourself with the feel of actual tournaments. Consider optimising your laptop if it is not high-performance by upgrading the graphics card and RAM to prevent lagging and allow you to enjoy a similar gaming experience to professional tournaments.

Join a gaming community

Many pro gamers say that making friends in the gaming community is part of your rise to professional stardom, even for solo players. Individual talent is necessary but being a good team player is also essential. After privately sharpening your skills through practice, and establishing a good reputation, find a team to enable you to play alongside others and learn from their experience. Being a team member will develop teamwork skills like interdependency to help you function better as part of a unit. For solo gamers, consider joining several sub-communities of like-minded gamers through chat groups so you can discuss topics and ideas, and you might learn a thing or two while at it.

Participate in tournaments

After mastering solo and team play, the next step to take is putting yourself out there as a professional. For starters, there are many year-round local online tournaments and live events in which you can participate. Good performances in live events usually give gamers the exposure that catapults them to the next level, so strive to be at your best during such events to attract attention from fans and pro organizations. Tournament play also helps you test your skills against the very best. So even if you don’t win, you would have gained valuable experience that will come in handy on your journey to becoming a top pro and possibly winning in the future.

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