30th Oct2020

Nerdly Out Loud – Episode 5: Director Liam O’Donnell talks ‘Skylin3s’

by Kevin Haldon

Nerdly Out Loud is Nerdly’s very own podcast, bringing our website to your ears… Literally. Each episode host Kevin Haldon will be picking all the latest Movie, TV and Pop Culture reviews from the world of Nerdly and reading them out loud interjecting his own personal views of the ones he has seen. The main feature of these shows will be awesome interviews from directors, producers and people at all levels of the independent film world.

NERDLY OUT LOUD – Episode 5: Director Liam O’Donnell talks ‘Skylin3s’

For this episode I got to sit down and chat to Director Liam O’Donnell of the Skyline Trilogy to talk about everything from the reception of the first two movies and the films FrightFest World Premiere, to how he cast Frank Grillo for Beyond Skyline. I am so happy to have sat down with Liam and hope everyone enjoys this interview because it was a real geek out moment for me.

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