06th Oct2020

‘The Strangers: Limited Edition’ Blu-ray Review

by Paul Metcalf

Stars: Scott Speedman, Liv Tyler, Gemma Ward, Kip Weeks, Laura Margolis, Glenn Howerton | Written and Directed by Bryan Bertino

Horror comes in many types, from popcorn hell-raisers to deep and thoughtful mental anguish that will stay in our minds long after we’ve watched them. The best kinds, are the ones that tap into what you feel is safe away from the movie world, and bring horror home… and this is one thing that The Strangers did so well.

After returning home to an isolated vacation house after a night out, a couple hear a knock on the door. Seemingly a mistake, they send the people on their way, but it’s not long before a violent house invasion ensues by three masked individuals.

While the start of The Strangers may be slow for some, it does well at setting up a couple whose relationship is on the rocks. Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman play their parts well, and create a believable tension between the two. What is interesting though is while The Strangers could go the route of bringing the two closer together, it chooses to not. This is a movie about an attack on the couple’s relationship and their very lives and done in a way where reality is always felt.

What really taps into the fear of the viewer of The Strangers is that there is never really a motive for the intruders. All we see if the emotionless faces of Dollface, a masked man, and Pin-up Girl, there is no weakness shown in the killers. They are simply there to terrorise the people within the house and it is the couples task to actually survive. While we expect them to actually manage that, The Strangers was never one of those feel good movies where we can expect that outcome.

When it was first released in 2008, it became popular because of the mystery that the horror brought. It was unflinching and memorable while keeping the gore at a realistic level to maintain that element of “that could happen to anybody”. This is why Second Sight’s limited edition release will no doubt be welcomed by the fans, and quite rightly so. With the inclusion of not only the theatrical cut but also extended one, and with plenty of special features including interviews and deleted scenes, this is the perfect way to look back at a classic of the horror genre.

Along with the Blu-ray itself, there is also a poster featuring the new artwork, as well as a soft cover book featuring new essays about the film by Anton Bitel and Mary Beth McAndrews which is well worth reading. It’s fair to say that Second Sight have kept up to their expected quality with this release.

Even though The Strangers did get a sequel, the original is still the best and still has that impact that it had when it was first released. This Blu-ray limited edition is a good way for fans to look back at the film, and maybe even a way to introduce those that still have not experienced a visit from The Strangers yet…


  • Includes Theatrical Cut and Extended Cut
  • Because You Were Home: a new Interview with Director Bryan Bertino
  • Cutting Moments: a new interview with Editor Kevin Greutert
  • The Fighter: a new interview with Actor Liv Tyler
  • The Pin-Up Girl: a new interview with Actor Laura Margolis
  • The Elements of Terror: interviews with cast and crew
  • Strangers at the Door: interviews with Director Bryan Bertino and cast
  • Deleted Scenes, Theatrical Trailer


  • Limited Edition of only 3,000
  • Rigid slipcase
  • Soft cover book with new essays by Anton Bitel and Mary Beth McAndrews plus stills and behind-the-scenes images
  • Poster with new artwork

Second Sight’s limited edition release of The Strangers is available on Blu-ray now.


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