05th Oct2020

Twitch Talk: New streamer ‘Darth Young’ profiled

by Kevin Haldon

Twitch… You’re probably aware that the service is this awesome place that awesome gamers can go an be awesome, whilst awesome people like you awesome readers can go and watch these awesome gamers be awesome. Got it?… Awesome!

So a little different post for me today as this is an area I have never really spoken about before… My love of Twitch streaming. However, thanks to a local streamer in my area, I am able to mix Twitch streaming with two of my other favorite things: Star Wars and well just any kind of geeky, nerdy stuff. I can say with complete confidence if you have been looking for a better streamer you have been looking in “Alderaan Places” see what I did there? Oh shut up, I’m writing this!

I bring you Darth Young

Having known this streamer for a little while now and knowing how much of an avid gamer he is, streaming almost seems like too natural of a fit for him. I have been keeping an eye on his streams from the beginning because you guys know me, I like to show the indie content creators some support. The thing I am loving about Darth Young and his streams is that I can already tell he is not going to stray from geeky nature and will continue to do playthroughs of the games I love. We are already off on a good foot because we have covered a whole bunch of Star Wars games including the often gushed over Jedi Starfighter and probably my least favorite Star Wars game Republic Commando (that’s just my opinion though). I would love to see some Knights of the Old Republic but really that would then have to be his full time job.

Like any good streamer Darth Young always has his eye on the chat too and has been engaging with his “before the sponsors show up” audience. An audience that while, right now, is modestly humble group of scruffy looking nerfherders – it is already starting to grow. A big part of this being that even if you have just dropped in for a minute you can tell he is well versed in both gaming and his geek knowledge. You would be hard pushed to find a factoid he doesn’t already know.

Recently we have had the pleasure of an Alien Isolation playthrough filled with many girly squeals which was pretty epic to say the least. However Star Wars Squadrons has happened so I fear we may have lost our gaming hero to the Squadrons abyss for a week or two with solid playthroughs of this gorgeous beaut of a game.

Please do go check out Darth Young on his Twitch channel and make sure you click that follow so that it lets you know when he has gone online. I guarantee you will love his style of gameplay. Dare I say it, should he ever stream himself playing Rainbow Six: Siege (a game I know he plays) I would probably tune in for that too, even though it’s game I hate (this needs to be said in a Korg from Thor: Ragnarok accent). Also take a second to jump on his Facebook page and give him a like. Tell him we sent you and he may send you a free set of Air Drum Sticks!

Also, while I have you here and I am talking about streamers, don’t forget our resident in-house streamer Xenia, who has been on a horror kick as of late with Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and the TellTale Walking Dead games… Show Xenia some love too – just click the link in the sidebar or follow her on Twitter to see when she’s online.


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