25th Sep2020

Must-Buy: ‘Nightmare Horror Adventures’ board game – out this Halloween!

by Kevin Haldon

Something a little bit different for everyone here… I was clued into this real intriguing Horror Board/Card game Nightmare Horror Adventures, coming out this Halloween season, and it instantly has my warped mind in geeky overload. So until I can get my paws on the game to sit in a socially distant bubble with some of my buddies I thought I would just share the news with our readers and hopefully you guys see something that could keep you and your mates entertained or scared out your mind for a few hours!

Welcome to Crafton Manor… Experience the haunted house story come to life in NIGHTMARE HORROR ADVENTURES, the scariest experiential board game ever made – perfect for lockdown living this autumn. You and your friends step into the roles of the five Crafton children, whose parents were killed in a grisly murder fifteen years ago. Revisiting your childhood home for the first time, work as a team to explore forgotten rooms, discover repressed memories and uncover the truth step by step. Nothing is what it seems… time is running out… you have this one chance to find the murderer… or die in the attempt…

Ideal for horror fans, gamers, mystery lovers and fans of role-playing games, Nightmare Horror Adventures promises to entertain and terrify in equal measure. Perfect for those chilly autumn evenings, this engaging and immersive game will provide hours of entertainment with genuine tension, scares and jumps – this is not a game for children or those of a fragile disposition! Following online instructions on your laptop or device, players are led through the story and plunged into tense darkness to reveal long forgotten secrets.

Board games have never been more popular as ‘social bubbles’ seek new ways to pass the time at home, with fewer opportunities to socialize. With Hallowe’en, Bonfire Night, Friday 13th AND Christmas all approaching, Nightmare Horror Adventures is also an ideal seasonal gift. Yeah… I am absolutely In on this one… Looks right up my street and I cant wait to sit down an play the crap out of this game. One thing is for sure, I will be bringing spare pants just in case!

  • Nightmare Horror Adventures is suitable for 4-5 players aged 16+
  • RRP £24.99. Available from Argos and Amazon

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