10th Sep2020

The Impact & Success of the Video-Gaming Industry

by James Smith

The Video Gaming Industry has been in full swing during recent years. This thriving media subculture amidst the Millennials and Gen Z has quickly taken over the market. Since this industry’s birth, it has reshaped the way we look at the world and interact with folks. Most of us are suckers for video games, and there’s no harm in it! This article will take you through a mind-boggling journey and success in the gaming industry. Read ahead!

The Impact of the Video Gaming Industry

Your eyes will pop out the moment you look at this report: The video gaming industry has made revenue of US$134.9 billion as of 2018, and it’s still only growing.
In a few decades, it has grown into something more than an entertainment industry. It has become a cultural force. Beyond the excitement, adrenaline rush, and relaxation, video games build an online community through the media economy. They have also become a significant mode of bonding. Most parents play video games with their kids to spend some quality time with them. It has come to be a natural part of their lifestyle. From game nights with friends to casual time-pass, you can expect video games to be present to serve all your needs.

How Have Other Industries Started Embracing the Gaming Industry?

The movie and sports industries were the first to get a slice of the pie. This continually evolving business has even drawn the attention of such tech giants as Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and Apple.

  • Microsoft is already a member of the gaming industry through its popular Xbox console. It launched Project xCloud, a video game streaming service that allows users to stream Microsoft’s Xbox games on desktops and other devices.
  • In 2016, Facebook began developing a gaming platform in collaboration with Unity Technologies.
  • Google launched its program, Stadia, a cloud gaming service that allows users to play streaming video games with HD quality. This facility is available through Google’s browser, PCs, phones, and tablets.

Mobile Gaming

Since smartphones have hit the market, these companies have strived to let the players launch video games without needing a computer or a gaming console. The rapid boom in smartphone technology has shifted igaming to the mobile forefront. This major shift has allowed digital gaming practice to secure a strong foothold. Read on to know more exciting news!

How Have Casinos Made Use of This Opportunity?

Online casinos have seized the opportunity by making gambling available through online video slots and online tutorials. Long gone are those exhausting days when you had to go to brick-and-mortar casinos to enjoy gambling. Now you can play slots for fun and feel relaxed. Video game technology has enabled players to earn money through gambling from their home’s comfort. It’s not just the tech giants who are looking for making money off this industry but also licensed casinos. They want to reach the new customers through this strategy and look, and it’s already succeeding!

Like the video games industry, the casino industry is also hungry for innovation and competition. They have introduced all sorts of themes. Ranging from the trendy Candy Crush and Angry Birds to movies such as Batman, Dark Knight, Godzilla – they have pretty much covered everything in their themes. So, they wouldn’t want to let go of this incredible opportunity of earning cash. You can even give free casino games a try. So, if you feel like not spending money, then you can give them a go. It’s as easy as that.

The Gaming Experience

Generations have survived on video games. Now, with the rise of multiplayer games and with the opportunity to play games with friends as a team is a cherry on the top.
Most importantly, video games aren’t just a homely entertainment source or kind of juvenile pastime in this age. It has given rise to a huge eSports scene where teams from all across the world compete. It’s a gamer’s paradise. Everyone should go and check out.

It’s a huge spectacle! Not to mention what huge positive impact video games have on the players. Take a look below to know!

  • Online Gaming improves social skills: Online gaming allows many players to engage and indulge in a particular game simultaneously. There is continuous communication between the players. Along with having fun, it also helps in the development of social skills, i.e. meaningful and casual relationships among players. So, making new social connections is an unbeatable advantage of playing video games.
  • Enhances multitasking skills: Video games demand you to be multitasking. You should able to move your joystick while being aware of the various in-game features on your screens such as vital levels, hidden adversaries, weapons or ammunitions left, and time factor. All of these are instrumental in winning. This increases the player’s precision along with his multitasking ability.
  • They reduce stress significantly: Ever noticed your dad or your kid cheering up by playing video games. Yes, that’s right – video games reduce stress and relax you.
    A great learning source: Video games that are based on history, novels, or movies can pique the interest of players, especially kids. Learning could, for once, be fun, right?
  • Improves your decision-making skills: When you’re trying to protect your team members in a game, you’ve to make a selfless decision. When you’re playing solo, the decisions are different. It would be not so wrong to assume that these decision-making abilities affect your real life. It changes your personality.

Wrapping Up

Whether you are cooped up in your home or coming home after a long day, video games will always refresh your mind. They are able to connect us through entertainment, teamwork, cooperation, and competition. It doesn’t matter what’s your age, what’s your nationality, or what’s your gender, and there’s a game to everyone’s taste. Statistical research emphasizes that video games transcend age, nationality, gender, and demography.

The video game industry only knows innovative ideas and immersive content. New technology, cool controls, and smash-hit experiences are to be expected. Tech giants and online casinos are rushing in with their collaboration offer with video gaming companies. The story, graphics, and soundtrack are bang on! Armed with all these amazing features, this industry’s future looks even brighter than today.

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