08th Sep2020

Grading the Best Mobile Sports Betting Apps

by James Smith

No matter where you’re at in your day, the latest odds are always available via a mobile sports betting app. Today’s fast-paced society craves instant gratification. Our smartphones have become extensions of our hands, offering everyone information, entertainment and access 24/7, no matter where the day might take us.

If you’re going to be spending all of that time staring into your phone, why not make that time pay off handsomely? Among the fastest-growing and consistently-evolving elements of our constantly in motion society are the mobile sites and sports betting apps developed by the top online sportsbooks.

No longer is there a need to be glued to a television set, laptop or desktop computer in order to get in on the action offered by online sports betting sites. Thanks to mobile sports betting apps, you can get your groceries done, run those errands, or go to the pub and still stay right on top of the action.

Live Betting Is Explosive

The fastest-growing element in sports betting today is live betting, also described in the sports betting lexicon as in-play wagering. As the name suggests, these are constantly changing odds on outcomes that may or may not occur in the midst of a match. And the focus of these bets can be very narrow.

It could be something as innocuous as which team will be the next to be awarded a corner in a football match. It might be an offer on which side, or to get even more specific, which player will score the next try in an international rugby test match. These bets will come at you at a fast and furious pace. They can be there and gone in the blink of an eye. That’s why a reliable, trustworthy mobile sports betting app is vital to anyone who wants to keep up with the fast-pased action.

The Best Bets

The next bet is never far away thanks to mobile sports betting apps. Knowing which sports betting site is the one for you can often come down to the quality of the site’s mobile app. It’s estimated that before long, as much as 80 percent of all sports wagers will be made via a mobile device, so the sites that stay on the cutting edge of mobile technology will win the day.

The best sites will provide a seamless interface, one that often mirrors the company’s website but is in fact designed to work exclusively with mobile devices. They’ll offer all the bells and whistles that come with the web page, including live streaming, which is an absolute necessity to live bettors who are experiencing life on the go. These sites need to supply feeds that are smooth and reliable. A freezing stream can be the difference between getting in on or being shut out of a winning wager.

Another factor that must be considered before choosing a mobile sports betting app is whether it is compatible with your operating system. If you’ve got an iPhone and the betting site’s mobile app only works with Android devices, then you’ve already been shut down before ever placing a bet. Let’s look at some of the top mobile sports betting apps and what they have to offer to players:

  • Sports Interaction
    In the sports betting game since 1997, Sports Interaction offers an all-in-one wagering site via its mobile app. Their mobile app is compatible with Telus, Winmobile, Android, iPone and iPad and Blackberry devices. As well, new players to Sports Interaction can take advantage of the site’s 100 percent matching signup bonus offer worth up to $200.
  • PowerPlay
    The PowerPlay app works with Blackberry, Android, iPhone and iPad mobile devices. A bonus with their site is that they offer a mobile casino as well as a mobile sports betting app. There’s also an impressive $500 welcome bonus to be accessed by new players.
  • MyBookie
    They’ve got it all on the MyBookie mobile app – sports betting, a mobile casino and horse racing action. You can download the MyBookie mobile site to Blackberry, Android, iPhone and iPad devices. And they provide newcomers with a 50 percent free bet worth up to $1,000. As well, it works anywhere in the world. It doesn’t get more mobile than that.


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