14th Aug2020

Trailer & Poster for horror anthology ‘Faces of Fear’

by Phil Wheat

Vestra Pictures in co-operation with Trash Arts have announced the release of Faces of Fear, and brand-new horror anthology out next month from Wild Eye Releasing.

A chilling omnibus of terror tales from the cutting edge of the horror underground, featuring short but devilishly sweet bites of blood-soaked stories. Features the work of Kim Sønderholm (Craig, Little Big Boy), Luc Bernier (2 Die For, Home Videos 3), Jason Figgis (Children of a Darker Dawn, The Ecstasy of Isabel Mann), Martin Sonntag (60 Seconds To Die, Escaping the Dead).

With segments directed by Luc Bernier, Jason Figgis, Dane Dämmerung, Kim Sønderholm, Martin Sonntag, Wilhelm Müller, Davide Pesca, Moses Mckenzie and Ken Cohen; Faces of Fear will feature several stories including: “Harvest”, “Facing Face”, “See Attachment”, “The Ties That Bind”, Cooking with Human Blood”, “Red Rubber”, “Callous” and “Dream”. Check out the trailer and poster below:


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