29th Jul2020

What Changes to UK Online Blackjack Technology will we see in 2020?

by James Smith

Blackjack is widely known as a game for intellectuals, scientists, celebrities and people who like games with a fair chance of winning. A few mathematicians know the game so well that they have formulas and systems to beat the house. In this article, however, we delve into how technology is disrupting online blackjack in the UK. We’ll mention how you could soon win the game consistently through AI robots and how the blockchain is impacting the industry. Let’s get started.

Mobile Sites to Replace Native Apps

The average person in Britain spends 24 hours on mobile devices every week. That’s a lot of time spent on social media, blogs, gaming apps and texting. But it has provided an excellent opportunity for casinos and developers to launch blackjack apps on iOS and Android devices. The best part about blackjack apps is that they tend to support free gaming. That means you don’t necessarily need real money to play classic 21 with friends. Instead, you can install an app and play the card game for hours using free chips.

Of course, you don’t win real money at most blackjack apps. But you can gamble the game for real cash at the best online blackjack UK sites. Many of these operators support mobile gaming. And that means you can play the game even without downloading an app. In fact, some experts believe the future of online gaming lies in mobile sites and not native apps. That’s because websites offer everything players need without asking them to download anything in return.

The Advent of AI and Machine Learning

Two years ago, a couple of university researchers created an AI algorithm that could beat nearly every poker player. The bot was so effective that it could defeat groups of professionals at a time. Artificial Intelligence is now disrupting online blackjack by helping players create winning strategies. It’s also helping casinos create safer, more efficient games.

A well-designed AI blackjack program is nearly unbeatable. With such a bot on your side, no casino dealer or software can beat you. Unfortunately, AI blackjack bots aren’t available for commercial sales yet. However, online casinos already use Artificial Intelligence to run RNG games in safe and fair environments. As mentioned, an adequately coded algorithm is almost usually error-free. And that means it can provide a seamless gaming experience.

Big Data in Blackjack

Big data is all the rage these days, so it’s not surprising online casinos are using it to transform blackjack, poker and slots. For the uninitiated, big data describes the behemoth of information collected by digital devices daily. When compiled and analyzed, big data can help businesses, customers and games like blackjack. Precisely, it can help show what specific blackjack types players like, their betting habits and demographics. With this information, casinos can invest more resources in the areas that their customers like the most. Indeed, one of the biggest revelations of big data is that UK players cherish live dealer games. As a result, nearly every self-respecting operator in Britain offers live casino blackjack.

Lavish Live Dealer Blackjack Games

As mentioned, it’s now a standard practice to offer live casino blackjack at British online casinos. But the best companies aren’t stopping there. They’re investing resources in the designs and decorations of their gaming rooms. They are also investing in improving player experiences by regularly introducing unique blackjack types, bonuses, and competitions. For example, you get a bonus every time you defeat the dealer three times consecutively at some casinos. At VIP blackjack tables, everything looks elegant, from the dealers and tables to the lights and interior decorations. Of course, these investments aren’t for nothing. There’s a growing demand for online blackjack, and every operator wants to defeat competition by offering the best blackjack tables.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

After years of being called a scam, blockchain is gaining respect around the world. In the iGaming scene, Bitcoin has always had respect even though not everyone understood how it worked. Thanks to the industry’s early adoption of crypto, it’s now easier than ever to play blackjack using Bitcoin. At some platforms, you can also play blackjack built on the blockchain—crypto’s founding block.

Blockchain enthusiasts like it because it promotes fairness, iron-clad safety and the convenience of making payments sans third-parties like banks. It’s not always straightforward to buy Bitcoin and use it to play online blackjack. But if you’re willing to learn the process, it’s not challenging either. The best part is that crypto is an investment that can lose or gain value. So, your $100 BTC profits today could be worth $150 by December if all goes well.

Blackjack on Twitch

If you like to play video games, there’s a chance you know about Twitch. It’s owned by Amazon and provides a platform where gamers can live stream games to thousands or millions of fans. Lately, it’s also become a trend for blackjack players to do the same. By default, blackjack players need an online casino with live dealer games to stream. They then use web cameras and streaming software to showcase their every move at online casinos to their Twitch fans.

But why would anyone be interested in watching someone else play blackjack? The same reason people watch sports. People enjoy watching sports of all kinds. They particularly love to watch professionals play and win. There are no rules on who can become a streamer. If you want to showcase your blackjack skills, all you need is an account and streaming software. Gaining fame isn’t easy, though. You have to be patient and market your brand persistently.


Online blackjack is on the rise in 2020. Much of it has to do with global lockdowns that have forced players to stay away from land-based casinos. However, it also has something to do with the way technology keeps improving the game, from AI and apps to blockchain and live casino trends. Regardless, blackjack keeps getting better with every tech invention that comes by.


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