21st Jul2020

‘Ru Paul’s Drag Race All-Stars 5×07’ Review

by Rhys Payne

When it was announced that this weeks maxi challenge was going to be a stand-up comedy challenge it was clear that Mrs Cracker would naturally be the front runner, as this is what she does for a living. On top of this, as she won last weeks challenge, she was given the opportunity to choose the order that the four remaining girls performed it – which is an obvious benefit for her. This episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race All-Stars seemed perfectly catered to Cracker and her brand and it was obvious from the start that she was a top contender to win again which, [SPOILER ALERT!] she did!

The remaining queens (Jujubee, Blair St Clair, Mrs Cracker and Shea Coulee) are all very talented and so the quality of drag is at an all-time high and, in fact, this group of queens were everyone’s pick to be in the final. They all also bring something different to the competition; and despite it being easy to predict who would be the top four, it’s very difficult to decide who the overall winner will be… which definitely add a lot of excitement.! However, this episode of All-Stars opened in a very relaxed and subdued way which didn’t fit the excitement and energy normally seen in penultimate episodes.

As mentioned in the opener, this weeks episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race All-Stars was a stand-up challenge, with the queens writing and performing originally comedy routines – which as stated earlier plus right into Cracker’s wheelhouse – but also, as the winner of the last episode, Cracker could decide the line-up and I was surprised when she openly said she was going to do everything in her power to make it as difficult for the other queens to shine by strategically placing them in the line-up. I was also surprised to hear Cracker talk about the backstage politics of the show and how they are not allowed to socialise outside of filming during her stand-up routine, as this is often something the show keeps hidden from the audience. When an episode seems so catered to a specific queen the eventual performance of the queen, in this instance Cracker, can be very lacklustre due to the high expectations but Cracker found a way to keep the quality insanely high, thanks to the constant shocking twists which were fantastic to watch!

The runway theme this week was “Freak Out” with the queens encourage to dressy as freaky as possible. Jujubees outfit was one of my personal faves as it was beautiful but contained a great sense of fun and excitement. The message behind the costume was even more important, as she talked about the healing process and while even healing there is still a lot of pain – showing it by painting tears on her face. The outfit had multiple clashing patterns and colours; but in a weird way they all contrasted each other beautifully and provided a very different type of look that everyone expects from Juju. The other standout look for me this week was Mrs Cracker – who entered the stage as a steampunk-inspired hooded costume which revealed into a dark Cher influenced jewelled jumpsuit look, which was very unique and fitted the Cracker character perfectly. In fact, Cracker won this weeks episode (surprise, surprise) and guaranteed her place into the top three looks. However, I am a little disappointed as it has been the second week in a row that Jujubee has done a fantastic performance in both the challenge and runway but has ended up in the bottom, which means there is a possibility she could go home…

The voting of this week was insanely intense due to how close we are to the finale. Additionally, there is a possibility that any queen could go home, as there is a reason to send any home queen not because they performed badly but because of strategy. Blair St Clair is the only queen in this season to have never won a challenge, Jujubee has already had a chance in All-Stars and also Shea is the general public’s favourite to win the whole competition – so it would make sense for a queen to want to send Shea home… The main pressure for the vote comes down to the winner of this weeks challenge ,which was Mrs Cracker, but before the vote is revealed she has to lip-sync against a secret assassin – who turned out to be Kennedy Davenport, who is famous for being a fierce dancer and known for her flips and tricks! However the song used this week was very subdued and luckily for Cracker, not suited to the high energy dancing and tricks Kennedy is known for. It was overall, in my opinion, a very lacklustre lip-sync but Cracker was marginally better and gets a £10,000 tip and her vote is the sole reason someone goes home.

It was Ru-vealed that Cracker had decided to send Blair St Clair home. Blair has been able to show her immense development and improvement in her drag but unfortunately had to go home one episode before the finale, which must be incredibly frustrating for her. Next week is the final episode which is obviously very exciting and tense but there was a shocking twist to be revealed next week… Ru (on the judging table) received a mystery phone call for something surprising to happen in the final episode and I personally have no idea what this could be. What I do know, however, is that next weeks episode is another musical performance-based challenge for the remaining queens and hopefully this will be able to redeem the terrible performance of “I’m In Love” from the opening episode!

Overall, this was an entertaining episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race All-Stars that didn’t really fit the hype of episode before last, which was disappointing. A few hilarious jokes and a disappointing lip-sync led to a very lacklustre episode but still raised my excitement for next weeks episode.


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