13th Jul2020

How to Bingo with the best of them

by James Smith

Did you know that you can play online Bingo for real money? No? Well where have you been hiding?! As the Bingo industry has continued to thrive throughout the years, the much-loved pastime has made its way onto the online gambling scene and caused quite a stir! Online Bingo is one of the most popular games on all of the top online casino outlets, and let us show you why! Read on to find out more about some of the best games on the market!

Deal or No Deal Bingo

Now, we’re sure you’ve heard of the hit gameshow Deal or No Deal, and perhaps you’ve even dreamt about being a part of the show! Well, whilst gracing the stage and choosing your box may not be possible right now, getting to be part of the money-making action is as easy as can be – with the help of online Bingo.

The Deal or No Deal Bingo game us a 90-ball drawer, with tickets consisting of individual grids with 27 squares which are made up of three rows and nine columns. Each row on the ticket contains five numbers and four blank squares, with every possible number, from one to 90, appearing across each full strip. In each 90-ball game players can purchase up to six strips each, totalling 36 tickets!

The prizes that are on offer in this game, much like many others, have a minimum guaranteed amount to be won, however the actual sum up for grabs is determined by the number of tickets that are purchased in each game. The more people buy, the bigger the prize pot will be!

The juicy jackpot is initially set at £10,000, by the host online casino, and at midnight the overall prize is increased based on the stakes from the previous day. Only players who have wagered within the jackpot winning game are eligible for a share of the bounty, so make sure you’ve placed your bets in the right place!

Speed Trap Bingo

Another 90-ball game, Speed Trap Bingo’s tickets have the same 27-square layout as the previous game that we mentioned. With each row containing five numbers and four blank squares, you will have 15 numbers on each ticket that you buy. Again, each player is permitted to purchase a total of six strips per game, although there may be an opportunity to purchase more as the game continues.

There are three well-known prizes to be won in almost every Bingo game, as detailed below:

  • One line – all numbers that are displayed in a horizontal line on one ticket have been called and crossed off.
  • Two lines – all numbers that are displayed in two lines on one ticket have been called and crossed off.
  • House or Bingo – all the numbers across a single ticket have been called out and crossed off.

More than one player can win any prize in this game, as long as their ticket meets the criteria outlined above. When this happens, the cash prize will simply be split in equal portions between all winners, deposited directly into their casino account.

It should be noted that some games only allow prizes for one line and House/Bingo, so count yourself lucky that it’s all up for grabs with Speed Trap Bingo!

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