07th Jul2020

‘No Time To Die’ postponed again

by ApolloXL5

The ongoing situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed daily life as we know it. Gatherings of people, whether they be for parties or events, are practically impossible at the moment, and this has adversely impacted a number of sectors and industries. Restaurants and bars are struggling to stay afloat due to restrictions on movement and the social distancing norms in place, while any business which relies on people stepping outside their homes is struggling at the moment. Movie theatres are in the same boat, with almost every country having closed down cinema halls along with other outdoor entertainment venues, and as a result, most major motion pictures releases have had to be postponed globally.

This stands to reason, as movies which would have normally been blockbusters and made billions of dollars will open to empty theatres in the present scenario, and movie producers cannot risk losing money on big-budget productions in this manner. Some of the biggest movies of the summer have all been moved to the second half of the year, such as Christopher Nolan’s next mind-bending flick, Tenet, the next superhero movie out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe stable, Black Widow, as well as the second installment in DC Comics’ Wonder Woman story, Wonder Woman 1984. Additionally, one of the most highly-awaited movies of the year, the next Bond movie, No Time To Die, has also had to be pushed back.

No Time To Die is set to be Daniel Craig’s last outing as 007, a journey which he started way back in 2006 with Casino Royale. While that movie’s plot centred around high-stakes casino games for real money, it kicked off a series of events leading up to this movie, with multiple recurring characters and storylines setting the scene for Craig’s interpretation of this iconic role. His turn as the secret agent has been praised as being the best depiction of the role since the iconic Sean Connery, and while he was initially reluctant to return for this movie, Craig was eventually persuaded by the studio, with the huge paycheck probably being a contributor as well.

At the moment, No Time To Die has been postponed till November 2020, having been supposed to release in April globally. Of course, there is no telling if this date will be possible as well, as everything will depend on the state of the coronavirus in the United States and elsewhere around the world at that time. It is set to tie up Bond’s storyline for this iteration, with Ralph Fiennes, Lea Seydoux, Naomie Harris, Jeffrey Wright, Rory Kinnear and Ben Whishaw all reprising their roles from previous films, while Christoph Waltz returns as Bond’s nemesis Blofeld, and newly minted Oscar winner Rami Malek plays a mysterious new villain, Safin. There is speculation that Malek could actually be playing the role of a classic bond villain, Dr No, but any news around that has understandably been kept tightly under wraps.

At the same time, Lashana Lynch has also been cast in the film as a fellow agent, one who also has the ‘license to kill’ AKA the ‘00’ moniker, and is heavily rumoured to pick up the 007 mantle once Bond’s race is run after this movie. Ana de Armas rounds up the cast, rumoured to be playing Bond’s love interest in the film.

While the current pandemic situation has put a spanner in the works regarding major movie releases, in a way, this unforeseen delay has only increased the anticipation among fans for these movies. It is the same case with the Bond fanbase as well, as they look forward to bidding one of the best protagonists of the iconic role a fond goodbye.


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