07th Jul2020

‘Genevieve’ Short Film Review

by Alain Elliott

Stars: Nicholas Michael Jacobs, Shawn C. Phillips | Written and Directed by Nicholas Michael Jacobs

I have seen many many found footage horror movies and I am as big of a fan of them as you’ll probably know. It all started with the original The Blair Witch Project and although it took a while for the sub genre to really get going, it has created some true classics of the genre, including REC, Paranormal Activity, Trollhunter, Cloverfield, Digging Up The Marrow and more. But it has also had its fair share of duds because it is one of the easiest type of movies to make with no budget. So when a found footage short movie comes along I am mildy cautious.

Genevieve adds another sub genre in the mix with a ‘supernaturally possessed doll’ the target of a thief who is heading into somebodies house to steal it. Why he is filming himself do this I’m not so sure but I will let that slide for now. The positives is that the doll doesn’t look like every other haunted doll in a horror movie.

I love the Annabelle franchise as much as anyone but there must be dozens and dozens of knock-offs of that doll and movie that create no scares at all. In Genevieve the doll looks more like something out of one of the Puppet Master films. It looks handmade (and I assume it probably was), with a strange, slime-like pea head that at least makes it stand out. Whether it is actually scary or not is another thing but this seems, at least in part, to be played for laughs as the doll ‘runs’ around nibbling on the guys ankles. I don’t really think the doll was supposed to terrify its viewers

The hand-held found footage-style does at least work at creating an atmosphere of some sort and when the lead creeps around a corner you do feel a little on edge. Unfortunately the character does have some dialogue, which because he’s on his own feels very forced. It was like the filmmakers didn’t want silence (which would have been fine) so they just threw in the odd line.

I’m not sure I could see this particular scary doll created for a full feature length movie but as a one-off short with no budget Genevieve is an enjoyable enough four minutes of horror.

Genevieve will be available on Nicholas Michael Jacobs’ YouTube Channel and Amazon Prime Video on July 15th. And you can check out reviews of Jacobs’ other film right here.


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