03rd Jul2020

Indiegogo launched for 80s-style slasher ‘School Hall Slaughter

by Phil Wheat

L&G Productions have launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund the feature horror School Hall Slaughter – a slasher movie inspired by filmmakers such as Lucio Fulci, Mario Bava and John Carpenter.

School Hall Slaughter tells the story of a young teacher Miss Franklin (played by Emma Stacey) who becomes trapped inside her school by an unknown killer or killers, trying to survive as those around her are picked off one by one. In School Hall Slaughter apparently no one gets out of detention… Alive!

School Hall Slaughter is a feature-length version of writer-director Huw Lloyd’s original short of the same name and brings together a talented cast including Emma Stacey, Derek Nelson, Mandy Rose, C L Raven and Eve Oliver. Check out the teaser trailer for School Hall Slaughter below and follow this link to see the amazing perks available to help them reach their goal.


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