01st Jul2020

How to Generate More Plays on Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube

by James Smith

By 2020, social media have evolved much and adjusted to practically any sphere of interest. Also, networks of different kinds have become a starting trampoline for many artists, who share and sell their work with the help of their social profiles. Instagram and Pinterest are primarily occupied by digital and traditional painters and designers because they are based on the visual aspect of perception. For some time, musicians were gathered on YouTube.

But then SoundCloud and Spotify arrived at the rescue, and people who love creating music, have received their specific platforms for sharing their work. But how does one get more of his profile on these social networks? Let’s focus on the main tips for generating more plays on YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

Bring Attention To Your Profile

One of the principles that people follow when they are surfing the internet for some fine content is social approval. When a user sees that many people have played this particular record, he or she will more likely hit the button too. You can wait patiently and silently while people will notice your work naturally. Or, you can save yourself some time and effort with purchasing, for example, 500 SoundCloud plays on https://socialsgrow.com/

This action can be performed on YouTube and Spotify as well. Remember that the only purpose of buying stats on these or any other social platforms is to boost your content, not to substitute real people who might like your music. By increasing your numbers artificially you should only try to overrun your competitors in a matter of time.

Make Good Content

However obvious this advice may seem, it is a very important thing to fulfill. Without high-quality content, nothing will bring you to the top no matter how hard you will try. But putting much energy and soul into your creation will definitely be noticed by the audience. For one second, forget about the pursuit of fame or money. Create something that you enjoy and what you truly want to share with the world.

Yes, shitty music can be uploaded to Soundcloud and Spotify, and it can even be promoted there. But it cannot break out of the compilations to make fun of. Don’t get confused, music like Gangnam Style by PSY is not shitty, it’s viral, and it’s a completely different marketing story.

Cross-Platform Promotion

Another effective way to raise your plays is to promote your product on other social platforms, like Instagram or Twitter. For best performance, try to embrace all possible networks:)
Here are some tactics and tricks for getting some traffic on your musical channels:

  • Create a visual presentation for your music. Arrange a photoshoot for your single. Collaborate with other artists and order a digital drawing for your single.
  • Intrigue your followers with little sneak peeks on your new track, add IGTV Stories with your sound on Instagram
  • Always leave a link to your profile on Spotify, SoundCloud or YouTube in your profile descriptions (bio on Twitter, for example)
  • Create a mask for Stories on Instagram or Snapchat to make your music go viral
  • Use calls-to-action to encourage your followers to visit your music channels.

As you can see, here popular artist The Weeknd provides us a visual representation for the song, along with the CTA to click the link in his bio, which leads to YouTube where you can hear the whole song.

Enter The Repost Chain

One of the productive methods for promotion on SoundCloud. The main clue to this way is a collaboration with other artists, who work in similar genres of music as you do. Simply talking, you just make friends within the platform. Each time one of the group submits a new track, other members repost it with a certain time interval to endure the exposure of the track. Groups can be big or small, they can be easily found on Facebook, or by googling them. The only thing that has to concern you is if you like the kind of music that you will have to repost. If you will refuse to do that for any reason, you will be probably kicked out of the chain and lose the exposure rate.

Provide Your Content Consistently

Yes, we understand that you are an artist and you need inspiration and time. Yet in terms of marketing and promotion, persistence is your best friend. Even the best music can be forgotten if it’s creator is not keeping the interest up. When people find a new track that they like, they will certainly want to find more of your music. And providing them some content regularly will definitely increase your plays on Spotify, YouTube or Soundcloud.

Make Your Content Easy To Find

For example, SoundCloud features the option “Discover”. That algorithm allows users to seek for new music to their taste by surfing through the site or app interface. So for musicians, it is important to make their creations be found without much effort. To complete this tip you have to meet a few conditions:

  • Relevant genre tags
  • Proper description
  • Good title
  • Fine engagement rate via comments, likes, etc.

Prepare To Wait

One of the hardest things to do is to be patient about it. Getting your music known by people is a long-term adventure. But when you are making high-quality music that has something new to say in the industry, all this waiting is worth it. We wish you good luck and inspiration!


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