01st Jul2020

How eSports and the Betting Industry Continue to Push Forward Together

by James Smith

Both the eSports industry and the betting industry are constantly on the lookout for ways to move forward and increase the number of people watching, betting or following. What they have done recently is work together more than ever before, something they are hoping reaps the rewards for both industries for many years to come.

Betting on eSports is on the rise, and how seriously bookmakers are taking the eSports events has grown considerably too. Those who already enjoy eSports are moving over and betting on them while those who bet on other sports are seeing the variety available with eSports and moving over to bet on them. This is a win-win situation for both at the moment, and for that reason it is expected that things will only get better as they work together more.

The eSports Betting Service

For anyone looking to start betting on eSports, there has never been a better time to do so. The overall service is excellent and with advancements such as live betting, live streaming of events on bookmakers’ websites and more betting markets than ever before, there is a lot of appeal. Free bets are also on the rise, with bookmakers who offer a welcome bonus as free bets allowing people to use this when they bet on eSports. These sportsbook free bets cannot be cashed out during play, but do give you the chance to win something off a free wager as a new player.

In terms of the actual betting markets on offer, you get far more than the standard market on who will win the match. Things such as handicap betting, who will win individual maps and who will score the most kills are all available for punters to use. Having this kind of platform makes eSports look a lot like other sports in terms of the service on offer.

Is it Time for Bookmakers to go Big on eSports?

With eSports continuing to grow in popularity, the latest video games all have to think about how to make themselves available to the mass-multiplayer market. The more that this happens, the more chance we have of seeing eSports match regular sports in the future. Something else that could help that is if one or more of the big bookmakers increased their eSports attention even more. This isn’t about betting markets here or any new offers they could create, instead it is about sponsorship.

There are many different big eSports events that take place, could we see a bookmaker make a move forward and sponsor one of them? This would bring additional money into the event, making the prize even bigger while also putting that particular bookmaker in the limelight showing that they were the one to care most about eSports. An already big event like the Fortnite World Cup would be the ideal sponsorship opportunity for a bookmaker in the future.

What Will the Future Look Like?

In the future we are likely to see this relationship continue in some way. It will always be something that both sides of the relationship can benefit from, so there is no reason to end things any time soon. However, with a few further steps, this could be a relationship that blossoms, pushing eSports betting and eSports in general further forward than ever before. There is a thirst for more, and if these two can work out a way in which they can work together to bring out the best for them both then there is no doubt this relationship can flourish.

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