23rd Jun2020

Worldwide Industries That Were Most Affected by the Internet

by James Smith

Undoubtedly, the internet is one of the best innovations that has taken the world by storm with amazing changes. It has completely transformed the way people work and live. Different industries have also been impacted by the era of the internet. Some changes are more in certain industries than others. From industries that have been born online, some that have significantly grown to achieve global recognition to others have built a cultural shift as a result of internet innovations, here are some of the global industries that were most affected by the internet.

Music Industry

The music industry has also been mostly affected by the internet. The changes, mostly positive has shaped the way the music flows across the globe. With the internet, the industry optimized two significant entities including iTunes and Spotify, both introduced during the digital age. With social media, you can also listen to music, download videos and post personal music videos on YouTube.

Retail and Film Industry

The retail and film industry has significantly changed due to the internet era. In the past, Blockbuster was the real deal in retail stores. However, with the internet, the industry has welcomed a series of innovations including Amazon, Netflix and other online streaming services. Therefore, when it comes to shopping, and especially today with the current crisis, Amazon and Jumia among other platforms rule the world of online shopping.

Casino Industry

The casino industry is one of the industries that has changed tremendously thanks to internet innovation. With the technology, gambling or online casino gaming happens at the click of a button. Today, casino service providers have to meet the unique demands of a new generation of players who want to play at the comfort of their offices, homes or even on the move. This is why the industry has embraced adaptive internet technology to provide real-time online casino services.

With the ability to play online on a smartphone or a smart device including laptops, players can explore and enjoy a wide array of the user or player engaging atmosphere, quality sounds and graphics when playing different casino games. as a matter of fact, some of the best online slots have become so popular on mobile devices that they are now considered some of the most famous mobile games tittles.

Furthermore, the internet offers players room to explore a wide range of VR and AR gaming technologies. This is quite useful during the current COVID-19 crisis. Gamers can now play using their virtual reality headsets or on their favourite online casino platforms. VR and AR technologies allow gamers to play different games including slot games, blackjack and poker while enjoying the world-class gaming experience.

AI intelligence is also used to enhance players experience in online casinos. This facilitates clear communications between a casino service provider and a player.

The internet has also made it easy for gamers to make payments in a convenient, safer, secure and faster way. This is an advancement that also ensures fair gameplay for all players. In a nutshell, the casino industry has enjoyed immense advancements in every sense and things are getting more advanced, better and enjoyable. The changes are immense that if today the movie Casino (1995) was to be released, it would be more on the world of online casinos, a gem in a gambling and online gaming empire.


When it comes to the communication field, the internet has changed the way people communicate. There is rapid advancement in the face of communication from the traditional media. Today, there are many social media platforms that provide room for quality communications across different parts of the globe. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Zoom among other web-based communication platforms.

Transport Industry

With the internet, the transport industry is amazing, the global community is on the move. More people are making international and local trips thanks to the ease of booking, choosing a travel destination and keeping in touch with family and friends while on the move. The internet has transformed and enhanced the industry by making it more sustainable across different parts of the globe. It has also addressed issues such as language barriers, payment delays and security issues making travel more exciting.

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