19th Jun2020

Opinionated: The Best Wrestling YouTube Channels

by Chris Cummings

So, if you’re a pro-wrestling dork like I am, and you like to entertain yourself from time to time with news, reviews, podcasts, discussions, quizzes, lists and debates from fans and wrestling personalities on the YouTube platform, then you’ll likely have your favourites. I do. So… at a time when consuming media, and YouTube in particular, is at an all time high, I thought it would be cool to highlight and talk about a handful of the best wrestling-based YouTube channels out there. Now… believe me, I’m not gonna list people I personally haven’t seen, and so I’ll likely miss some excellent channels out, but we can’t see ‘em all. Feel free to recommend us some.

Let’s go.


I’ve been watching Cultaholic since the channel launched when the guys left WhatCulture and started their own company and brand. Adam, Ross, Jack, Sam and Tom… joined regularly by a host of regular and one-off guests, such as Botchamania’s Maffew, Jen from ICW and appearances from wrestling names such as Jimmy Havoc, Paul London, Dave Meltzer, Lita and many more, have gone on to create a very popular brand with a variety of videos that delve into the past and present of the wrestling business. I’m a fan of the “Tier List” videos in which the guys rank various things, from Championship Belts, World Champions and WrestleMania Stages. I like the weekly “WTF” show hosted by Ross in which he comedically picks apart weekly television wrestling. I also watch the podcast ever week, regularly featuring Maffew, Ross and Jack, as they joke around and talk about the week in wrestling among other things. It’s a very entertaining channel and these guys go all-out (pun intended) on pushing new and unique content for their viewers. Join ‘em.


Yea, the guys who also have that great magazine that you can buy at WH Smith’s. I’m a fan of WrestleTalk, have been for many years. Heck, I remember when they had a show on UK television hosted by Marty Scurll (before he became a villainous man) among others. These guys are knowledgable and bring the info in entertaining bursts, and with the recent addition of Adam Blampier (formerly of WCPW) they only continue to up their stock. The Podcast, often with Olly and Luke, is great, the news is regularly on-point and hits earlier than most other wrestling news channels and the lists are a ton of fun too. It’s the guys though, the folks who work on screen and behind it at WrestleTalk that hooked me. The passion is evident, and I feel a kinship, at times, with guys like Luke, who is also a movie-loving, gamer, wrestling-obsessed geek like me. One of the best wrestling channels, period.


Adam Blampier returned to YouTube in 2020 and it’s been very entertaining to see. His humour and quick wit has added a lot to WrestleTalk programming, as mentioned above, but his own channel, PartsFUNknown, has also been a delight. Since the horror of lockdown has begun and the world has stopped, this channel has brought a bunch of great stuff. I’m especially a fan of the weekly “QuizzleMania” show, which airs on Wednesday Nights. A game-show Style Quiz featuring Adam as host/quizmaster and four guests, this is endlessly entertaining. We’ve seen various guests, from wrestlers to wrestling YouTube names, to members of WrestleTalk, and it’s hilarious and a blast to play along with at home. The channel also features videos in which Blampier “re-books” things, from full events like WrestleMania 36 to wrestler pushes like Roman Reigns. Very cool, and a throwback to the videos he did back on WhatCulture. Good shit. Jam that Jam.


I mean, which wrestling fan isn’t aware of Botchamania? It’s one of the most famous and beloved video series online and has been for many years. The fact that Maffew keeps this going with that nerd-humour and trademark sarcastic style after so long shows just how passionate he must be about this concept he took hold of and ran with. Featuring botches, obviously, from modern and past wrestling, it’s always fun and often hilarious. Who doesn’t love revisiting a wrestling promo that fell flat on its arse? Who doesn’t want to see an old spot of somebody attempting to call a reshoot of a promo while live on the air? We’re live, pal! Who doesn’t want to see somebody proclaim that they have “half the brain that you do” un-ironically on a WCW program? I’m sorry Sid.


A comedic channel, for the most part, hosted by Brian Zane, a long time fan of “the biz” who has plenty of knowledge and enthusiasm about various eras of wrestling. It’s this brand of humour, the self deprecation, the well-researched reviews and the entertaining video ideas that keep things fresh and make WWW a unique part of WrestleTube. I’m a fan of the throwback style reviews in which Zane goes back to shows from previous years and talks about them in his trademark snarky-yet-likeable review manner. One of those channels that is always easy to throw on.


I would be amiss not mentioning Xavier “Austin Creed” Woods’ YouTube channel in which the New Day boy plays videos games, often with wrestling-friends as his guests, and does so in a thoroughly entertaining manner. It’s a great channel, and I really dig the “Superstar Savepoint” series, in which Creed sits to play a game with a fellow wrestler and talks to them about their career and their history as a gamer while they chill and play some games. Very simple but fun concept that has been the highlight of the channel since it’s inception.


Now, I tend to watch channels in this area that are presented like shows, and have a regular schedule of programming like a TV channel would. In Ring Reality is a smaller brand, a channel that has a real down-to-earth and true fan at the heart of it. Josh Razauskas hosts a variety of videos as he talks about the modern product, has on guests, and delivers ideas, news, reviews and observations in a way only a passionate and positive wrestling fan can. And that’s the thing, Josh is rarely negative, though he’s honest. If he didn’t like a match or thought a storyline was badly done, he’ll say so, but it’s the positive and energetic manner in which he talks about wrestling that is infectious. I enjoy the channel a lot, and though it doesn’t yet hit the high numbers of the previous channels on this list, I feel it deserves mention here, due to the work, effort, time, planning and real love this man puts into this.


Finally, and this is less of a “Wrestling YouTube” channel and more of a “Wrestler ON YouTube” channel. KanaChan TV is the YouTube channel belonging to one WWE Superstar and current (at time of writing) RAW Women’s Champion, Asuka. I’m a big Asuka fan, have been for a long time, and this channel is just one of pure joy. Seeing what “The Empress of Tomorrow” does between shows with WWE isn’t only a blast, but it’s interesting too. Getting that “behind t he curtain” look at a pro-wrestler isn’t anything out of the ordinary in today’s world, but Asuka seems like a total sweetheart, and her videos, ranging from cooking tutorials, videos about gaming, shopping, living out of hotel rooms, making things, eating things… well, it’s a bloody joy. If there’s any channel on this list that I throw on merely to smile and feel a sense of calm, it’s KanaChan TV. PS… be prepared to see her differently than the bad-ass killer ass-kicker you see on TV after this.

So there you have it. I’ve watched other channels, like WhatCulture Wrestling, OSW Review and others, but am either less-familiar, or no longer watch. There are also an abundance of channels I’m aware of but simply don’t have time to view. So, feel free to express your love for other channels in the replies, and check out the ones I listed here. Peace.


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