17th Jun2020

Online streaming record breaking throughout lockdown

by James Smith

Normality now appears to be returning, with lockdowns continuing to be eased around the world. The coronavirus pandemic has meant that virtually all of us have had to spend extended periods of time within our own homes and look at a means to entertain ourselves. This has seen online entertainment platforms seeing a huge spike in their services and many reporting record numbers. This includes online casinos, with many using offers picked up at jackpot-promo-code.co.uk. The big question will be whether this continues moving forward, or as the lockdowns are continuing to be eased, this sees the use of these continuing to drop.

With people confined to their own homes, as expected movies have been a choice for many. This has been positive news for Netflix, who have seen a major rise in the number of people signing up to the streaming platform in the first half of 2020. They reported they had added an additional 15.7 million subscribers in the opening three months of the year, as the coronavirus had hit many areas around the globe. This was very positive news for the streaming platform, which increased their revenue to $5.77 billion for the opening quarter, which meant a rise from $4.52 billion in the same period of 2019. It also meant that profits rose from $344.1 million to $709.1m.

That gives a clear example of the positive impact that lockdowns have been for them. But they do believe this is now likely to drop as lockdowns are eased, and they have forecasted a slow finish to 2020. It is not all positives for Netflix however, as they had many shows in the middle of filming and these have now all had to be postponed, with no likely date as to when they can return. This is something that is proving a real problem across the industry and the effects are going to be shown in the future.

Gaming has been another industry that has flourished from the current situation, with record breaking numbers. Twitch is the biggest streaming platform for gamers and they have continued to see incredible numbers of people tuning in, to watch people stream themselves gaming. Valorant has been a recent release in the gaming world and this has now broken the record for the ‘single day hours watched record in a single game category’. This was due to 34 million hours’ worth watched. On top of this it hit a peak of 1.7 million concurrent viewers, putting it second in history to the 2019 League of Legends World Championship. This giving a further example to just how popular these online entertainment platforms are at present.

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