15th Jun2020

Interview: Director Tom Paton talks ‘The Ascent’

by Stuart Wright

As part of our support for the launch of Tom Paton’s new film The Ascent on VOD, host and screenwriter Stuart Wright talks The Ascent (aka Stairs) with the writer/director Tom Paton.

The Ascent follows a group of mercenaries, who are sent to Eastern Europe in the middle of a civil war to retrieve intel. Shortly after the mission, the unit find themselves trapped on a never-ending stairwell; forced to climb or die. To survive, they must revisit their past sins if they ever want to get off.

The Ascent, directed by Tom Paton, is available now on digital following it’s debut last Friday on BirdBox.Film and AltspaceVR. For more on the VR debut of the film check out this article from 365Flicks host Kevin Haldon – who was one of the lucky few to take part in such a unique event.

NB. This interview took place ahead of Frightest 2019 when the film was called Stairs. It is has since been retitled The Ascent.


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