11th Jun2020

Facts about the UK online bingo scene in 2020

by James Smith

In the United Kingdom, bingo is big business. The British national identity included bingo in the final part of the 20th century. However, bingo halls have witnessed reduced attendance within the last decade. Nevertheless, both online and live versions of the game remain players’ favourite pastime. For the most current bingo sites https://bingosites.bet/new-bingo-sites/ is the way to go.

In early 2019, the bingo industry, both online and live, was worth £1 billion. Today, its popularity keeps rising. It is yet to be seen whether that will translate to increased net worth in 2020. The current global situation may have a massive negative impact on what is left of the bingo halls in the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, the same situation may catalyze the growth of the UK’s online bingo industry. Bingo game lovers who are stuck at home around the globe may seize the opportunity to play the online version of their favorite game.

According to a WhichBingo report, the industry may experience significant growth in 2020. Some promising statistics released by the independent online bingo review website show that the industry has the potential for growth, the current global crisis notwithstanding.

According to the report that was released on 27 March, 78% of online bingo players play regularly every week. A sizeable 72% patronize multiple bingo platforms while another 27% of the players make monthly deposits of up to £50. These players are so dedicated to online bingo games that about 70% of them set deposit limits as a preventive measure against addiction to the game.

In early 2020, the online bingo industry experienced business growth. XLMedia’s CEO, Stuart Simms explains that stakeholders in the online bingo industry are confident that the industry will keep growing in 2020. According to him, the WhichBingo’s parent company will assist brands to meet up with new guidelines and regulations that are designed to make the industry more sustainable and profitable while offering players an enhanced experience.

A closer look at bingo sites indicates that the game’s popularity isn’t exclusively the result of the global lockdown order. For years, the UK’s bingo halls have dominated the gaming industry, and that has triggered bingo’s increased popularity.

Foxy Bingo offers a variety of games that show the wide range of titles online players can choose from. They can play different versions such as 30-ball, 70-ball, 80-ball, and 90-ball. Besides, there are attractive slot games and bingo rooms for all demographics.

In the meantime, some heavyweights in the industry such as Kindred Group PLC and 888 Holdings also offer other virtual games available in physical casinos with their bingo games. The aim is to attract more players to these slots and table games.

In a nutshell, the gaming market and online bingo offers a variety of games. Thus, players from all walks of life can always find a game that suits their gaming needs on the web. While the global lockdown may affect bingo halls adversely, the online industry may thrive in 2020 and beyond as the need for bingo games continues to rise among online casino players.

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