03rd Jun2020

‘History 101’ Review (Netflix)

by Rhys Payne

As people may be aware I am a fan of quirky television shows that find a balance between being educational and entertaining, as I really feel like you can take something from these shows. The Netflix series History 101 is no expectation because (as the name suggest) it gives an entertaining and information display of history while focussing on many key ideas.

History 101 contains many fun and vibrant graphics which really help to keep the audience entertained throughout the short 20-minute episodes. The team who worked on these visual effects are clearly very talented and should be applauded, as this was a vital part of the series that was done excellently throughout. With the voice-over provided by Natalie Silverman (who to me appeared to slightly lean more towards the educational side of the show), History 101 explores key ideas such as genetics, fast-food, the pay gap etc is a fun and easy to understand way which is incredible to watch. The 20 minutes of each episode flies by, while at the same time you feel as if you have learnt a lot of the topic covered – which is usually very hard to do but History 101 has mastered this easily.

In the first few episodes, History 101 seemed to have a “hidden agenda” to encourage its viewers to think about the environment and the damage we have caused it. This is obviously a beneficial thing for a show to portray, which really added to the educational nature of the series. Towards the end of the show, however, this idea seems to disappear which I was somewhat disappointed by as it could have really tied all the episodes together makes History 101 even easier to binge-watch overall. I personally found the episode about genetics particularly fascinating as it broke down the complex nature and history of this area of study and made it completely accessible to someone who has very limited knowledge and understanding of scientific advances ( that being me!)

Overall History 101 is a fun, easy to watch the show that is also very educational. If you are looking g for a show that will make you feel like you are not wasting your time will watching yet another season on Netflix then this is a show for you! I cannot wait for more episodes to be released in the (hopefully) near future, as I believe the creative team behind this show have found a TV formula that they could use hundreds of times without people becoming bored!

**** 4/5

History 101 is available on Netflix now.


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