29th May2020

Introduction to IGT Slots & the Way Free Slots Work

by James Smith

IGT (International Gaming Technology) is a world-famous gaming provider. Their activities include designing and developing casino games and gaming software. They specialize in slots. This provider is known for being innovative and filling its games with fun features and new technologies.

IGT slots can be played online for fun. For those interested in online casino games and especially in some of the best slots, products of IGT free slot games online are the right choice. They cater worldwide, including Australia & Canada, where gamblers can enjoy their games in top online casinos offering many benefits and no deposit bonuses such as free spins, bonus rounds, and more.

Free Slots Guide by IGT

Invented in 1975, IGT is one of the newest gaming companies of such success. By 1991 the company owned more than half of the gaming market in the USA. That was also the year they decided to expand in Europe, due to a rapid rise in the gaming. In 2005 they acquired WagerWorks for their online gaming products. The company has its central offices in London and Rome and many more worldwide. Among the most popular products are Diamond pokies such as Triple Diamond one.

Online slots work in a complicated way, even if they seem very simple. What they are made of is RNG (Random Number Generator), paylines, coin value, and the number of reels and rows. The reels are the vertical lines and the rows the horizontal ones you see on your screen. The paylines are the lines on which winning combinations can be created. The coin value is the amount players bet represented in simple coins. RNG is the core mechanism of a pokies game which introduces totally randomized outcomes each time the players spin the reels. Building on this, the reels, the paylines, the coin value are enhancing these outcomes.

Players can access IGT slots online for free. They require no download and no registration. The only thing needed is an internet connection and any device to start playing. For real money play online, players have to register in a casino using information such as name, age, country, and banking method. After the registration, there are no further steps needed, and players get instant play.

Core Slots by IGT

IGT has released a lot of successful games over the years. They are designed to cater to different needs and gameplay. Some of their segmented games are:

  • Jackpot Games: They come with jackpots or big cash prizes, which the players can hunt down. Jackpot games do not require a progressive jackpot to fall under this category. An example is the Triple Diamond slot. It has an impressive jackpot, where the biggest one is fixed at 15,000 coins. It is a progressive jackpot, so you can find smaller ones starting from 5,000 coins.
  • Waterfall Games: These offer small continuous wins. They give players something to collect throughout the game. A favorite game with this feature is the Golden Jungle slot. In this game, players start collecting wilds until they the meter above the reels. When this happens, they get 4 spins, where the reels are covered with wild symbols for more winnings.
  • Play Up: In this type of game, players mostly spin the reels, but they come with some extra features. One of these games by IGT is Wheel of Fortune slot. Players spin the reels to get mostly medium rewards but at a steady pace. The pokie offers 2 free games, which are called top-box features. These games have better payouts and are the feature that makes this slot – and the play Up segment – interesting.
  • Fruit Games: They belong to classic types and have fewer paylines. Usually, they also have higher stakes to make up for the exciting missing features. Such a slot game is the Royal Spins Slot. It comes with fruit symbols to stick to the theme. It only has 5 paylines, but the regular symbols pay up to 1,000 coins, and the maximum payout comes from multiplying the total bet by 200!
  • Innovation Games: These are games offering something new. It can be a new feature, a new way of programming the game, something the market has not seen. Such a game is the Coin O Mania slot. This slot has a Chest Feature, which can be unlocked by the Chest Symbol on the 3rd reel. After triggering this feature, all the reels get 1 extra wild symbol. If 2 wilds appear on the same cell, the multiplier will be increased by 1.

Multi-Game Online Slots

IGT is an innovative company. They recently created the USwitch Multi-Game technology, which allows players to choose games depending on language, denomination, and more. An older release is the diversity HD Multi-Game, where players get to find other gamers with the same preferences in gameplay. Plus, they organize tournaments with prizes.

Multiplayer slots are a crucial part of online games because they do not leave space for cooperation, competitiveness, or community. It allows gamers to play with each other online, chat in real-time, go after special bonuses together, compete for prizes, and get a sense of community. For example, the Golden Egypt video slot is available for multi-play. It is a Pharaoh themed game and a classic of IGT. Players can take advantage of the 4 rows, 5 reels, and 25 paylines together. The slot has a lot of free spins, a bonus symbol, a wild one, and a wild feature to turn the whole reel into wild.

Multi-Level Progressive Slots

Multi-Level progressive slots are those with bonus rounds, often on a different screen with another background. They usually have 4 bonus rounds that can be triggered randomly, or according to player’s bet, paylines, etc. These features make slots more exciting.

Sex and the City slot machine

IGT’s Sex and the City is a famous multi-level slot. There are 4 bonus rounds, the “Change of Dress,” the “Simply Fabulous,” the “Hello Lover,” and the “Perfect Gift.” One of these will be activated after 3 wild symbols are obtained. The choice of bonus that will be activated is random. They will give various prizes such as free spins, and more coins, and have different gameplay.

Mystery Progressive Slots

These slot games have a jackpot that is given at a specific point in the game. The game has a fixed amount of money spent. When this amount is reached, the jackpot will be awarded to the player.

Mystery Progressives Technology by IGT is divided into 2 parts: “Moneystrike!” and “Blazin’ Flames.” Both of them give a 3-level progressive jackpot with a mystery feature triggered. There is no winning combination that must be obtained to hit the highest prize, but there is a limit of money spent, which is configurable in the “Blazin’ Flames” slot.

Skill Gaming

Skill-based slots have been trendy over the last years. Providers tried to create an arcade-like experience, where players would use their skills into a game of odds and luck to make it more exciting and interactive. It has broadened the demographics of gamers, reaching Millennials and Gen Y, who quickly picked up on the new trend.

IGT has been a skilled-based game innovator, since the era of video pokie. Their skill gaming technology is based on the VRE (Video Reel Edge). They created products that combine slots with luck but keeping them on separate rounds. Players start with a classic game. When they hit a Bonus Round, the screen changes and they begin playing a skill-based game. Some examples of their products include Bloomtopia and Fortunes of the Brave. In Bloomtopia, players grow their gardens. After reaching this aim, they get their prize and can go on to a different island. Saving their progress is also a feature of the game. The Fortunes of the Brave slot have RPG features. Players can build their character, gain diamonds, decorate, and fight enemies.

True 4D & 3D Slots

IGT has introduced the True 3D Technology, their take on 3D and 4D slots. This method doesn’t require special glasses. It uses eye-tracking software to determine the player’s place and synchronize movements and graphics according to it. One of their famous 3D games designed with this technology is Ghostbusters. It is one of their licensed ones with 5 reels, 60 paylines, scatter and wild symbols, bonus rounds, and 93.5% RTP. Also, they have released a land-based version of the game. It is the 4D version of Ghostbusters. Mid-air haptic and gesture recognition technologies are incorporated in the machine.

3D slots are a significant shift in the market. They are more interactive, bringing more life into the slot themes. Technologies such as eye-tracking contribute to the games’ instructiveness. The graphics and sounds create vivid gameplay. They usually come with HD visual effects and great soundtracks that make slots more fun and attractive.

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