27th May2020

Netflix Favourites – “Bad Boys” In Action!

by James Smith

Netflix is undoubtedly one of the best streaming services in the world right now and if you are looking for action & adventure Netflix won’t make you disappointed! With access to hundreds of different series, films, and documentaries within a large variety of genres, they have almost become a benchmark for what quality and variety are expected of an online streaming platform in the UK. With so many options to choose from, the biggest problem one has is to choose what to watch. As a complete nerd of films starring “bad boys”, I put together a list of my top 5 favorite Netflix films and series that have just knocked it out of the park. Here they are:

1. Breaking Bad

Many people regard this series to be the most successful and entertaining of them all. It ran for 62 episodes between 2008-2013 and was turned into a film in 2019. The series follows a dying high-school professor by name Walter White, who has never quite fulfilled his natural abilities in the chemistry department. He has intelligence that almost seems to be out of this world, but following a cancer diagnosis, he decides that he finally wants to pursue something more lucrative.

Unfortunately for Walter White, what he decides to pursue is incredibly illegal and highly dangerous. Breaking Bad follows Walter White through his journey of trying to secure money for his family with the knowledge that he might die soon. All the while he is battling his inner ethics, and deciding how far he should go. It truly is a thrilling series that is jam-packed with some awesome twists in the plot – we highly recommend that you check it out if you get the chance.

2. Better Call Saul

This show is actually the spin-off for the first series we mentioned on this list, Breaking Bad but both of them can be seen independently. When you watch Breaking Bad you get to know that Walter White begins working with a rather clever but highly unethical lawyer in the form of a man named Saul Goodman. Now, this lawyer tends to specialize in keeping the bad guys out of jail through a series of weird and wacky techniques that seem to work.

In Better Call Saul, you will get a glance at how the ex-con artist Jimmy McGill transforms into his alto ego Saul Goodman, what made him end up in this life in the first place and in some respects, get to learn where it all went wrong. The most famous quote from the series, “It’s what gamblers do. They throw money after bad thinking they can turn their luck around” was actually not related to gambling but the quote has been picked up by the gaming industry as an example of what NOT to do and why gamblers instead must learn what is called “bankroll management“.

The show premiered in 2015 and the 6th and final season is scheduled to air in 2021 but we won’t be surprised if it continues with more seasons. It is quite a thrilling show indeed, and the main character, Saul Goodman, plays the role superbly. The fact that each season has scored Emmy nominations for best drama is a sign of the high quality behind this series. Season five with 13 new episodes started February 23rd on Netflix UK, and the timing couldn’t be better. If you haven’t yet seen the other seasons this would be the time. Better Call Saul is definitely a show you could binge-watch during these lockdown times!

3. Narcos

If you thought our previous character Walter White might have had his hands full of illicit drugs, Narcos almost makes Breaking Bad look somewhat low-key. There are now four different seasons of this popular show on Netflix, with the first of them following the rise and infamous fall of the drug Kingpin, Pablo Escobar.

Viewers of this show will get major insights into the life of this notorious man while witnessing his rise from a poor family into being one of the richest men in the world. This may all seem glamorous on the surface, but he was also one of the most murderous and ruthless men that we have seen in modern-day history. Besides the story of Pablo Escobar, the ongoing seasons take a closer look into rival gangs in Colombia as well as some of the most notorious Mexican cartels.

4. Power

Power has been on the scene now for several years, and it is actually the result of 50 Cent, also known as Curtis Jackson, venturing into the film/TV world once again. This series is just as violent as the other two that we have mentioned on this list, and it follows a rather interesting character throughout. This man is known as James St Patrick, but he also goes by his street name, Ghost.

The main character plays two lives throughout the series. In one of these lives, he is a successful club owner with respectable family life, and in the other one, he is a ruthless murderer and head of one of the largest underground drug gangs in New York City. Follow James St Patrick’s journey as he tries to live a more ethical and honest life while the underworld constantly tries to pull him back in. This series is definitely one that you do not want to miss.

5. Bad Boys

An article about “bad boys” wouldn’t be complete without the actual “Bad Boys” film starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. The latest film “Bad Boys for Life” was released in January 2020 and quickly became the highest-grossing films of 2020. The first Bad Boys (1995) and the follow-up Bad Boys II (2003) can both be seen on Netflix but due to licensing issues Netflix will not be able to show Bad Boys for Life until the earliest 2022. You will, however, be able to rent it later this year if you have Netflix DVD Subscription. Regarding a possible “Bad Boys 4” – speculations are already circulating but there are no official signs of this happening.

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