25th May2020

How to actually play Monopoly – A Pro’s Guide

by James Smith

Monopoly is one of the most popular board games in the world, which has an enormous fan base. It is an entertaining and exciting game where players compete with each other. However, people find it hard to understand the rules of the game, and in this comprehensive guide, we will provide all of the rules essential to play Monopoly.

How to play Monopoly?

Any game begins with the fact that the playing field is displayed. Then money is laid out, as a rule, each player is provided with $1500. All players must roll dice. The one with the largest number starts.

The game goes clockwise, that is, from left to right. If two identical numbers are thrown on the dice already during the game, then you need to transfer. If three identical dice numbers fall 3 times on the dice, the player ends up in jail.

The player summarizes the number of points and makes the same number of moves. If 4 or more people are playing, then it should be remembered that no more than 3 chips can be on one field at a time. If 3 chips are collected in one field, then 4 moves to the next. Of course, this happens very rarely, but it could still happen.

As the game evolved, many variations of Monopoly have been created. In Canada, other rules apply considering the fact there could be a different version of the game. However, the popularity of Monopoly has become so widespread in the North American country that actually Canadian live casino providers decided to create a Monopoly-focused game for their customers. The outcome was brilliant – people were amazed and they started to play this game more often. This detail shows the impact of popularity within various industries.

In standard Monopoly, depending on what is written on the field, a player buys property for his money. Sometimes a purchase can be made in several stages. Sometimes you don’t have to buy the streets. If there is no money, they can be bought by some other player. The object is put up for sale independently or with the help of a banker. The banker is most often present if the game Monopoly unites from 5 people or more.

If a player collects, for example, all four railways or other monochrome windows, he is paid a rent. If one of the players can collect all the cards of the same color, he can build a house or hotel. Real estate will come in handy if money runs out and you have to pledge or sell something tangible so as not to go bankrupt. This will be necessary if it becomes necessary to pay taxes, bills, rents, and there will be no cash.

When players go into repeated circles and are forced to stop in a field that one of them has already bought, the owner is paid a tribute. If not enough for the calculation, then it will be possible to request a change.

If you find yourself in jail, you need to pay a certain amount, most often 50 cards, to get out of here. There are no other options, and it is impossible to complete some tasks and not miss the moves. Besides, in jail, you still need to skip three moves.

Also during the game, in some versions of the Monopoly, Empire cards are also taken, which are also part of the tasks that will need to be performed during the game. But in such cases, with Empire cards, 2 pieces are distributed to each of the players at the beginning.

There are fields with a “supertax” that simply take the money. There are fields that, on the contrary, give the participant an additional profit.

Most often, the game Monopoly lasts from half an hour to 6 hours. But there are records, for instance, one game was played for 70 days in a row.

On the one hand, it might seem that in this game the luck is more in charge. Well, do dice decide everything? Not really. After all, you can buy real estate, or not buy it. You can put it up for auction, or you can collect all the assets and become a monopolist from the cheapest to the most expensive. And thereby achieve bankruptcy of all other participants.


How to play Monopoly? Just like playing adult financial games. This is a very good game, and if you can teach children to play “Monopoly” from a very young age, they will tell you a truly sincere “Thank You” when the time comes to face real difficulties.

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