20th May2020

Is it Worth Playing Board Games Online?

by James Smith

Playing board games is a unique possibility to enjoy yourself. The amount of board games is so vast that you have freedom of choice from strategic ones to economics. All of them have their own features interesting for a player.

With the development of technology and the Internet, it became possible to play board games online with friends. It is simpler, and you can play against people in different countries. However, as funny and exciting, it seems to play board games online, it is not worth it, and in this article, we will explain the reasons behind it.

The RNG may be flawed online

Imagine you are playing backgammon. Dice is a classic example of a mechanical hardware random number generator. When you roll, it could show a number from 1 to 6. When playing backgammon, you rely on two dice and numbers that they deliver. In some cases when you play backgammon online, it could be biased and provide an advantage to your opponent only, while in the real world it is very rare when the luck is only on your opponent’s side.

Nothing beats the actual experience of playing

You can play monopoly, chess, backgammon, checkers, Jenga online but nothing really comes to the actual feeling of playing the game with your friend. You can win or lose a game, but it will not have the same effect if you were playing it in the real world.

To support this statement, there was a very interesting study conducted in Canada about live casino games. You know Canada is one of the proponents of live casino games which tries to create a real-life experience. Employees of a Canadian live casino carried out a survey among customers if they preferred playing live casino games or going to brick-and-mortar casinos. Almost 70% declared that they enjoyed playing poker more in real life than on the Internet. This is a clear example of the fact that “direct” experience is nowhere close to the simulated one.

Playing online increases the chances of cheating

Chess is one of the most popular board games in the world. It never lost its popularity even though the old period was more pleasant to watch than the current one, where engines are so developed that almost all the games are memorized. When you play chess online, some of the players put themselves in unfair advantage – using engines and assistants to defeat another player. Yet in most cases, they are revealed and banned, but ordinary people who are looking for an honest encounter end up being defeated by computers.

You are never protected from such people when playing online. In contrast, when you play against someone in real-life everything is visible, and there is no need to use engines.

Online board games lack good visual

When it comes to playing board games online, we always pay attention to the visual side of the game. Monopoly is an obvious example of a game that requires a good interface and visual to engage more players. However, most of the time board games are not well-designed, which discourages people from playing them.


To sum up, it is always a better idea to play board games in the real world if possible. This way, you can have more fun, learn more and what is the most important – interact with people. The Internet has made life way easier for people – in terms of playing board games as well, but once again – nothing is really compared to the live experience you go through during the game.

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