12th May2020

‘Major League Wrestling: Fusion’ Review (May 9th 2020)

by Nathan Favel

Welcome to this week’s Major League Wrestling: Fusion, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and we have Nicolas Cage…who is a f—— VAMPIRE!!!!!!! ALVA! ALVA! ALLLLLLLLVAAAAAAAA!!!!! Hey, we’ve got one match…one stinkin’ match! Fortunately, our match for this card is a long one, so we’ve got a good time for all…except for Alva if she doesn’t find that f—— CONTRACT!!!!!!! WE DON’T IGNORE OUR WORK!!!!!!! WE FIND THAT F—— CONTRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACT!!!!!!!!

Match #1: (Main Event) Los Parks defeated Psycho Clown, Psicosis and Niño Hamburguesa

The following is courtesy of mlw.com:

It’s the long-awaited return of LA Park in MLW and you can feel the excitement in the Tijuana air as the star power is major in this match. The fight starts and Los Parks immediately take control by brawling with their opponents.LA Park takes it to Psycho Clown on the outside sends him into the barricade before battling their way into the crowd. El Hijo and LA Park Jr. take chairs to Nino and Psicosis. LA Park returns with a fancy bar table and crashes it into Psicosis. Psycho Clown soon feels the same wrath. The LA Park fam really let Nino have it as they top rope powerbomb him on top of the table (which doesn’t break!) Los Parks continue their dominance with the use of weaponry as a box of beer bottles and a industrial trash can get introduced into the bout. They strip the shirt off of Nino and whip a belt across his back. They have Nino down and LA Park readies himselve to slap it across the belly of Nino, but Park hesitates before slapping it hard with his belt. They all take turns chopping at Nino, but he manages to shoulder tackle LA Park Jr. They isolate El Hijo and wedge a chair into his nether region before doing the same to LA Park Jr. The three take a moment to celebrate as LA Park enters the ring. The Tijuana crowd is really behind Psycho Clown. LA Park slugs Psycho Clown down and sends him into the corner, but Psycho recovers and hits two cross bodies onto Park before hitting a dropkick. A pin attempt gets broken up by LA Park’s boys by accidentally elbow dropping their pop when Psycho moves out of the way. Nino then splashes them all! All three Parks are in the corner and Nino cannonballs the heck out of all three. A simultaneous pin attempt, bur Los Parks kicks out. Psicosis and El Hijo are in the spotlight which is highlighted by El Hijo executing a facebuster in the corner. Nino makes the save and delivers a headscissor combo to both boys. LA Park Jr and Nino go at it as Nino leg drops on LA Park Jr.. LA Park kicks the ref’s hand to break it up. LA Park and Psycho square off in a duel of taunts which the crowd is fully behind. Hard shots traded and the powerful Park slugs Psycho down to the mat. A near fall. A discus clothesline and spinning heel kick does the same to Park. The two continue their offense on one another and Park feeds his knees to Psycho off the ropes, but the pin gets interrupted by Psicosis who takes over. A dropkick to the chest doesn’t take Park out but the legend hits a spinning heel kick to his old rival and Park goes to the outside. This leads to an Asai moonsault by El Hijo and soon the only man left in the ring is Nino. It’s not long before he dives to the outside, but that happens to hit the wrong targets as Los Parks move out of the way. Los Parks get Psicosis back in the ring and the three help deliver an assisted German suplex to him. The three count is more than there, but the referee takes his very sweet old time, In comes Pagano to smack them all with a chair. The referee pulls the weapon from Pagano and Park punches Pagano out of the ring before spearing Psicosis for the 1-2-3! MLW wins the Super Series 5-3!

My Opinion: 3.5 out of 5 – I liked this. It was slow in parts and could have been a tighter match over-all, but I generally enjoyed watching these guys go wild on each other. I don’t think most folks will remember this after they watch it, but it’s nice to have so much lucha libre on an American wrestling league’s broadcast. “From Dusk ‘Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money” is the greatest movie ever made and this was a solid main event of fast flips, high dives and vicious action.

News Of The Night:

  1. MLW wins the Super Series between MLW and AAA with a score of 5 to 3.
  2. Mance Warner and Savio Vega want to destroy Dynasty and win all the titles.
  3. Pagano is coming to MLW.
  4. Dan Lambert /Team Filthy are suing MLW and Low Ki.
  5. MLW: Anthology will debut, next week.
  6. Dynasty cut another promo about “meth gators” when they were in Tennessee.
  7. CONTRA Unit beat the Hell out of Davey Boy Smith Jr. and claimed to have conquered Major League Wrestling.

Final Verdict: 3.5/5

One good match and some storyline development made for a good show with some big stakes set for the immediate future.


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