11th May2020

Watch Now: Federico Zampaglione’s lockdown horror short ‘Bianca’

by Phil Wheat

Italian musician and film director Federico Zampaglione (Tulpa, Shadow) has released his latest movie Bianca, a stylishly violent short horror thriller online to watch for free. Shot in lockdown in Italy on his iPad in three days and starring his ten year old daughter Linda in the title role and his partner, actress Giglia Marra, the film was co-written by Zampaglione and Gianluigi Perrone.

Federico explains how Bianca, which centres on the tense unpredictable relationship between a girl and her mother at home, came about:

My daughter was getting a little bored being at home for so long with nothing entertaining to do, so I suggested to her and my girlfriend Giglia, that we do a little film – have some fun together and stay in a better mood. It’s very important right now to stay positive through the tough times we are going through. On top of this I had the occasion to get back to my old love… Horror.

You can watch Bianca right now on YouTube, and it’s embedded for you below (just make sure to turn on the English subtitles via the CC button):


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