07th May2020

‘Ouijageist’ DVD Review

by Alain Elliott

Stars: Lois Wilkinson, Lesley Scoble, India Raqia-Walker, Roger Shepherd, Gabriella Calderone, Keith Whitehouse, Nicholas Kendrick, James Noir, Neilum Raqia, Michelle Jennings, Nathan Head | Written by Darrell Buxton, Steve Hardy | Directed by John R. Walker

Ouijageist… I watched this film entirely because of that title. And I fully understand that it’s not even a good title. Adding Ouija instead of ‘Polter’ with ‘geist’ doesn’t seem to work but maybe that’s the link it has with the movie itself.

We see a new mum moving into a rented home and it doesn’t take long for some spooky happenings to start. She has her mum alongside her for most of the movie aswell as the family friend and landlord who appears at the drop of a hat. People start dying in and around the house in mysterious circumstances and all after the new mum discovers a Ouija Board in the back garden (well her dog found it, which it soon regrets!).

Speaking of the Ouija board, none of the characters actually use that term. On the board itself it says ‘Witchboard’ and at other times it gets called a ‘Spirit Board’ but never Ouija. For a movie with the word in its title it is strange that it never gets spoken, maybe they are too scared to even say Ouija!

Acting performances are almost as odd as the movie in that, as a person from the U.K. I can say that everyone involved acted very British, they said things I’d say but sometimes the delivery was really off and wooden. It never felt like people were having natural conversations. So despite an okay script and the best efforts of the actors, I was never going to be emotionally invested.

Even for a movie about an ‘invisible’ killer, the death scenes in Ouijageist are a little ridiculous. None more so than when we see a hose pipe wrap itself around a ladder and door handle in the most ludicrous way. The actual accident that follows this is no better in its stupidity. I really shouldn’t be finding myself laughing at an animals death but I would be lying if I said I didn’t here. We don’t (thankfully) see the actual death but we do see a flying dogs head!

Strangely Ouijageist, in its final third, almost turns into a weird zombie movie as the undead come back as…..zombie poltergeists?! Which has just reminded about one scene, that I believe was imagined by a character, where a strange worm like creature appeared from a sink, slowly got fatter until it exploded in the man’s face some kind of toxic goo. And if that sentence doesn’t sum up the strangeness of Ouijageist I’m not sure what does.

There’s a ‘twist’ or reveal of sorts at the very end of the movie, that 99% of viewers will have seen coming from the opening moments. Although I said earlier that the script was okay, I’m beginning to change my mind. Because despite every death involving the new mum, the police never seem to suspect her. I mean they were right not to in the end but I’m not sure they expected a poltergeist to be involved.

I actually wanted to like Ouijageist. Silly title and original, crazy ideas are things are always like to see but very little worked here. Pretty much to the point that it’s so bad it becomes entertaining, which is how Ouijageist is probably best watched.

Ouijageist is out now on DVD and Digital from Wild Eye Releasing.


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