06th May2020

‘The Midnight Gospel’ Review (Netflix)

by Rhys Payne

Having watched the entirety of The Midnight Gospel on Netflix, I can honestly say I have never been more confused by a show; and the worst thing about this is that the confusion was clearly intentional by the creators of the show. The only way I can describe what this series feels like is how I imagine a bad acid trip would be!

The Midnight Gospel follows a cartoon character called Clancy as he travels to different world simulations, with the intention of searching for people to interview for his space cast (which is basically a podcast but broadcasted to space.) What is insanely clever about this show is that it reflects the intentions of the characters. If you were to only listen to the audio of this show you would think it is a deep podcast, due to the themes they discuss (such as religion, medication and drugs) and tempo of the speech itself. When you add the crazy animations on top of this then you have a show with multiple layers, which is great for the viewers to watch. However, due to the layers, I do get the impression that there may be some parts of the deeper meaning I may have missed as the bright colours and songs did distract me.

Despite the bright colours and fun nature of the show, The Midnight Gospel is a show for a very mature audience. There is extremely strong language throughout and the topics they discuss are not appropriate for a young audience. Some of the more discrete aspects of The Midnight Gospel may go over the heads of younger audience members too.

The episodes in The Midnight Gospel are only twenty minutes long which is fantastic to fill some spare time; and very episode is crammed full of fun and energy so it is an enjoyable way to spend a short time. Though due to the episodes in The Midnight Gospel being really short and also the fun visuals/song it makes the times seem even quicker and I found myself binge-watching this series which any thought of how long you have been watching the show – it really pulls you into its world and pulls you into a Netflix black hole where you have no idea how times works!

What I really enjoyed about The Midnight Gospel is that all episodes were clearly linked to one another but In a way that if you left a long period of time between episodes you wouldn’t be lost. At the end of each episode, Clancy collects a souvenir from the world they visited and puts it into a trophy shelf so the audience remembers some of the other adventures they technically have been on. This fantastic for consistency for the viewers and made the show that much easier to watch!

Overall The Midnight Gospel is a super-unique show, the likes of which I have never seen before! It a fun-filled series that is perfect for any time you have spare few minutes but they also tie the episodes together flawlessly. I would recommend the show to any fans of alternative shows that transport you to strange and unusual universes!

**** 4/5


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