27th Apr2020

‘Cooked With Cannabis’ Review (Netflix Original)

by Rhys Payne

I know the concept of cannabis is an extremely controversial issue, one that is not really discussed by people in the mainstream in the UK. But as Cooked with Cannabis is an American made TV show the argument around weed is not an issue for this show.

Cooked with Cannabis is a show that explores cannabis as an ingredient in cooking and has three chefs showcasing what can be done with this unusual ingredient. To add to this unusual show the element of competition is taken away and there are no professional judges like other cooking shows. Instead the show is all about educating the viewers about what weed can be used for – the show includes graphics that explain specialist terms such as micro-dosing, distillate and non-activated cannabis which helps educate the audience in ideas of how cannabis can be used in food. I believe that Cooked with Cannabis is about showcasing what can be done with the unusual ingredient rather than the chefs themselves, which is an idea that the judges talk about in the fifth episode, something I think should have been discussed sooner.

I never realised that cooking with cannabis was so popular as all the judges, guest celebrities and contestants talk about their experiences with this unique ingredient. The first surprise with this show was that the famous singer Kellis was one of the main hosts of this show. She is the co-host alongside Leather Storrs and they are joined with a collection of guest celebrity judges who are called as “best buds” and while I understand the pun here, I think the two main hosts with the five guest judges is too many people judging one show and does get very messy at times. I think the focus of Cooked with Cannabis should be the cannabis rather than the judges as this is the least important part of cooking with cannabis in my opinion. The worst thing about these “best buds” was the fact that In one of the final episodes one of the judges leaves halfway through the show which was very uncomfortable to watch and was also very unusual.

The reason for these “best buds” was to provide a laid back and relaxed atmosphere to the show (which I believe that actually did NOT do) to compensate for the removal of the traditional competition aspect of cooking shows. Each episode has the contestants talking amongst themselves and introducing themselves which was insanely laid back. These ideas were something I have not seen in any show before but I personally enjoyed it, when it was done correctly.

Cooked with Cannabis is a unique cooking show that aims to remove the idea of competition, creating a laid back and relaxed cooking show. It also showcases what can be done with weed as an ingredient. However, this show becomes insanely busy and messy due to the number of judges included in the show. Yet I would still recommend the series to people who are interested in the future of cooking – and cooking shows – and/or are a fan of cannabis!

*** 3/5

Cooked with Cannabis is available on Netflix now.


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