22nd Apr2020

‘The Iliza Schlesinger Sketch Show’ Review (Netflix Original)

by Rhys Payne

Having never heard of [stand-up comedian] Iliza Schlesinger, I was somewhat excited to watch this new sketch show on the basis of it actually being purely a sketch comedy – and I was actually pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable The Iliza Schlesinger Sketch Show was!

From my first watch of the show, I quickly got the idea that the whole series is about making a joke out of modern and popular television shows, by exaggerating their premises to comedic extents. The show opens with an all-female adaptation of Jackass that had dares such as ringing the doorbell of an ex and crying. There was also a spoof of A Star is Born that revolves around the idea of a singer performing silly songs for her dog.

The thing about this mocking is that everything is done properly with the highest level of professionalism. Unlike other sketch shows, that can seem a bit rough around the edges when doing spoofs, this show maintained the same quality and attention to detail of the original series they are parodying.

This balance of taking parody seriously and exaggerated comedy worked really well and made for very entertaining viewing. What was really clever about the The Iliza Schlesinger Sketch Show is that it’s hyper-aware of how it revolves around television and popular culture – the show transitions from sketch to sketch using a selection screen similar to the home screen of Netflix, a small touch that really help to blend all the sketches together, which was great to see.

A few of the sketches appear multiple times throughout the series, which did help the show become easier, and more familiar, to watch. Although some sketches – such as female Jackass parody – did reappear a LOT, which was somewhat tiresome. But also within the show, there are sketches were the actors talked about some of the other parodies, which was a really nice touch! It is clear that the actors and actresses who are involved in this show are all clearly having fun while performing, which made the whole series much more fun to watch.

The Iliza Schlesinger Sketch Show does contain a few scenes of a sexual nature and a few episodes that contain strong language and so if you are comfortable with this then this is the show for you! This a fun series that keeps you entertained for a few hours and I am eager to see if more episodes will be created in the future! I also am excited to keep an eye out for some of Iliza’s other shows as I really enjoyed this one.

**** 4/5

The Iliza Schlesinger Sketch Show is available on Netflix now.


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