14th Apr2020

PS5: 5 Reasons To Be Excited For The Upcoming Sony Release

by James Smith


After seven years of waiting, the Sony PS4 is finally set to be succeeded by the PS5 later on this year. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or a casual fan, the next generation of console should fill you with excitement. Here are five key reasons to get excited for the forthcoming release, and buy one ahead of the festive season if you can.

1: The Games

A new console promises the prospect of new games. This will look to build upon the hot trends of 2019 while also taking advantage of the powerful hardware. Gearbox has already confirmed that Godfall will be an exclusive title to PS5 while a host of PS4 games will get a cross-gen upgrade. The Elder Scrolls, Battlefield, Rainbow Six, and Assassin’s Creed are all franchises set to appear on the console. When added to the back catalog capabilities that mean you’ll be able to play PS4 titles, the quality of games on offer from launch day will be amazing.

2: The Entertainment Hub

The PS4 did it well, but the PS5 will truly have the capability to become the home entertainment hub in your living room. You can learn about the various streaming services and online capabilities to realize this is a serious piece of equipment. Meanwhile, the 825GB SSD internal storage and 4K UHD Blu-ray drive allow for optimal viewing, playing, and browsing. At 448GB/S, it’s the fastest machine in the Sony family too. Whether you plan to use it solely for gaming or a more comprehensive range of activities doesn’t matter. It’ll be unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

3: The Social Elements

Online gaming has created a huge community over the past 15 or 20 years. However, social elements are set to be greater than ever. The PS5 will, like its predecessor, offer the ability to chat with friends and other gamers in real-time. Meanwhile, as eSports get bigger, it’s likely that competitions will add a whole new dimension to the gaming industry. For professional gamers and recreational players, the competitive edge is truly special. This is the first Sony console built after the concept of live streaming became big business too. Gaming alone is a thing of the past.

4: The Gaming Experiences

While the PS5 is set to do many things, it is a games console at heart. As well as the list of Sony titles, there will be even more examples of cross-platform gaming on offer. This will be particularly useful for gamers wanting to play with friends that have yet to upgrade to the PS5, as well as those that are team Xbox. The improved Sony VR2 will bring a wealth of new experiences too. The technology at the start of the next-gen console’s lifespan is incredible. Given that the tech capabilities are only set to grow, it’s all very exciting indeed.


5: The DualSense Controller

Last but not least, the change of controller is a source of further joy. Sony have used the DualShock since 1997, albeit in different incarnations. The DualSense controller carries noticeable contrasts to its predecessor. But it also carries the same buttons, which should bring familiarity. It might take a short time to get accustomed to new dimensions and weights, but it is another source of excitement. Especially for more serious gamers that want to know they’ll be among the first to use the new accessory. The start of a new era is upon us.

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