13th Apr2020

‘Nailed It: Season 4’ Review (Netflix)

by Rhys Payne


Nailed It: Season 4 is a high energy show that shows a side to amateur baking that we, as an audience, never really get to see – one that will have you all shouting at the screen and rolling in laughter!

If you have not heard of this show before, Nailed It is a series which features completely amateur bakers taking part in the show to try and bake some of the most complicated and difficult cakes I have ever seen, with the hopes of winning some cash. Due to the contestant’s lack of skills it leads to some very hilarious scenes – and cakes – at the end of the show. I think too many times we hear of people who have never baked before being able to make the most wonderful cakes (like in shows such as Celebrity Bake-Off or Come Dine With Me, etc.) so its nice to see the actual struggle in baking.

This show is hosted by Nicole Byer and chef Jacques Torres who work excellently together as their personalities are so interesting. Nicole is a very loud and charismatic person who helps add to the ridiculous matter of the show. She is very loud and brassy but if I was going on the show I would like someone like this here, rather than professional and serious chefs, as it makes everyone feel more relaxed and comfortable. However, there are some frames where we can see Nicole, not in her bubbly personality which is quite frustrating to watch.

Having Jacques there as a professional is great, he is able to provide [the usual] hints and tips on how to improve, which is extra important as contestants have a panic button if they become confused and Jacques will help them for a few minutes. Jacques and Nicole clearly have a natural chemistry and really balance the craziness of the show with actual baking skills and whoever settled on these two to host the show have chosen the perfect pair and should be proud!

Each episode of Nailed It has a theme which influences the entire episode – from costumes to decorations, to the challenges. There are episodes that are jungle-themed or science-themed or wedding themed, which the hosts really push so the audience is aware of the theme. The episodes basically follow the same structure of introduction, first challenge (bakers choice) and then a huge technical challenge to end the show – with the themes affecting each section. This on top of the fun nature of the show makes it really easy to watch as a viewer.

Nailed It a fun show that is packed full of energy that shows how difficult baking really is. If you are looking for a show that will make you laugh while learning a thing or two about baking them nailed of is a show for you. I have no doubt that this show will continue making new series as they have found a structure and format that could go on forever!

**** 4/5

Nailed It: Season 4 is available on Netflix now.


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