09th Apr2020

WWE Network Original Review: ‘WWE 24 – Edge’

by Chris Cummings


The new episode of WWE’s 24 series follows “The Rated-R Superstar” Edge and his return to WWE this January. This, I have to say, is the best episode WWE has ever done of this show, and if you watch any WWE Network Original show right now, make it this one.

The episode doesn’t merely follow Edge’s return, but talks about his life over the years since he retired back in 2012. It’s been a long and winding road for the former multi-time WWE Champion and Hall of Famer, and we hear stories all about it here, from Edge himself, and those closest to him, such as his wife Beth Phoenix and close lifelong friend Christian. Hearing tales of the difficulties he had with his forced retirement due to injury and the things he’s been through, such as the awful loss of his mother, is hard to watch but very relevant.

The clips of his career, from famous matches he’s had to promos and spots he was a part of, are great to revisit, and hearing from his peers and friends is also very cool. I enjoyed hearing about Edge’s foray into acting and discovering that his neck was actually “normal” again. His slow realisation that he could return to the ring is a bloody great thing to witness, and the scenes in which Edge is working in his private ring with Beth Phoenix and longtime friend Dash Wilder, as he is preparing for his in-ring return, is a blast. This is packed with stories and revelations that most fans will find extremely interesting, and on top of that it is full of heart and grit, something that Edge has personified throughout his pro-wrestling career.

I won’t spoil too much here, because this truly is a magnificent documentary about the life, career and return of one of the greatest to ever lace up a pair of wrestling boots, so click onto the WWE Network App and give this a watch, seriously. It’s fantastic.

WWE 24: Edge – The Second Mountain is available now on WWE Network.


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